Every time a U.S.A. national team plays in international competition for what now seems like an eternity ESPN/ABC or whoever, have stated and keep stating that American players are more athletic and European players are more physical

This is the biggest crock of basketball related BS going.

European players may be more more skilled in the fundamentals but more physical, give me a f**king break.

Watch any NBA game and if there is a flagrant foul called involving an American play and a European player it is almost always, maybe 90% + of the time the American player that is dishing it out and the European player on the receiving end.

In fact during the season ESPN/ABC and even TNT analysts go to great lengths to point out how soft European players are compared to American players. However all of a sudden when team U.S.A. plays internationally these same American players now become the soft ones and their European ones become the tough ones.

How man flagrant fouls do the Raptors European players dish out?

In fact the inability to do that properly and at the right time is one of Bargnani's biggest failings. Soft interior defense is like no defense at all.

I am not going through the entire list of European players now playing in the U.S.A. however there is only one who I think physically matches up with American players in toughness. That is Darko.

Casspi is also a tough guy, however he is from Israel which is in Asia, What toughness he has he got growing up in Israel not in playing vs European teams.

Do all the so called tough European players stay in Europe? So maybe all of this summer league play by Bargnani toughens him up. Say What?