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Which Raps Team Is Better? 2010-2011 vs 1996-1997?

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  • Pizzaman
    I think based on how our team plays today versus how that team played that year, Damon and Christie were superior that year to Jack and DeMar, and Kleiza, Amir and Andrea are better today than those guys that year. The only guy that went on to get much better was Camby after the injury bug slowed down. Damon was pretty good, Christie a good journeyman, and the Popeye and Williams pretty useless.
    Jack will never be as good as Damon ( not even close)
    DeMar will be better than Christie
    Kleiza could be better in his sleep than Williams, as could Amir over Popeye.
    Andrea will be a more prolific scorer and offensive weapon than Camby, but will not likely ever reach Camby's defensive and rebounding abilities.

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  • pistol pete
    LBF, RecklessIndifference: Damon Staudamire never has been "really good", never.

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  • Pele
    Oh yeah. Rogers was tough. Stoudamire was clutch. Camby could rebound. The Raps had some gritty 90's inner city underdog thing going. (remember Oliver Miller)

    I want to see some swagger this year. Some hunger. A bloodlust to kill the big fish. Let's hope Triano can figure out how to cultivate this in his young players.

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  • Pele
    Raps Beat Bulls 1996

    I haven't checked the stats or anything. I just finished watching the Stoudamire Raps beat the Jordan Bulls in 1996 on Youtube. I just love it when the Raptors win.

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  • blaze89
    when looking at skill wise, i still think the 96 team had more skill and more of a killer instinct to win games then this years cast of teenagers.
    the competition was no where near what it is today though so i gotta say today's raps have more competition and more skilled teams to play against.
    i dont know why, i still miss staudemire!!!! i guess ill always have a spot in my heart for the 96 team regardless of what they think

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  • LBF
    hmm. doug christie was good, damon stoudamire was really good, and camby was young and unproven.


    3 guys who seem to all be at the same average level, jack is moderate to good, bargnani is moderate to good, six man is way better than the 96 one.

    but, was the east as tough back then as it is now?

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  • RecklessIndifference
    Damon Stoudemire was REALLY good back then, but Marcus was still developing.... it's tough the 96/97 squad has 3 really good players.... but they are D-league after that.

    I pick this year's team (hopefully they win more than 30)

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    I think it comes down to the 6th man. With this years squad having Barbie, this years roster takes the cut by far.

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  • da_goose09
    After reading just the headline, I was thinking this year's team because of the potential it has. However, looking at the '96.97 squad, with Damon and Marcus, there was certainly potential there as well! Add in the perfect role-player types in Christie, Williams and Carlos Rogers, and I think that year's team might stack up better.

    Tough call though.

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  • Hotshot
    started a poll Which Raps Team Is Better? 2010-2011 vs 1996-1997?

    Which Raps Team Is Better? 2010-2011 vs 1996-1997?

    2010-2011 Squad
    1996-1997 Squad

    The poll is expired.

    Current Squad

    PG - Jarret Jack
    SG - Demar Derozan
    SF - Linas Kleiza or Sonny Weems
    PF - Amir Johnson
    C - Andrea Bargnani

    Sixth man - Barbie

    1996-1997 Squad (Franchise second season in the NBA ended up winning 30 games)

    PG - Damon Stoudamire
    SG - Doug Christie
    SF - Walt Williams
    PF - Popeye Jones
    C - Marcus Camby

    Sixth man - Carlos Rogers