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This Mean Anything? - Amir Tweets Asking What Fans Think of Anthony Becoming A Raptor

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    GerryMcNamara wrote: View Post
    This guy Buddah is too much! I had to make an account just to chirp him. He thinks he was ahead of the pack by "sensing" that Bosh was going to Miami hahahaha. What a clown. Myself and many others could have told you that. If you make 100 predictions something is bound to come true don't you think? Just to clarify I clicked on your profile and found this:

    Tue May 25th, 2010

    2. Nothing of real import is happening and I know I could be wrong on this but I think that in the end Bosh will stay. Therefore all of these hypothetical S&T deals and the discussions that come out of it just seem meaningless.

    Again I could definitely be wrong on this but that is my sense of it.

    Your "sense" seems to have failed you at that time and it probably changed a hundred times so in the end you could go back and pick which one of your ridiculous comments was actually accurate. Why are you not reminding people of such profound insight that you provided like this.
    i like it. he backs it up with proff of facts and intelligently burns you. better than a 13 year old keyboard warrior, just saying to go make love to your gerbil, you goof or something along those lines.

    good job gerry.
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      Updated: September 20, 2010, 12:31 AM ET

      Sources: Nuggets soften trade stance

      By Marc Stein and Chad Ford

      The Denver Nuggets' resistance to trading star forward Carmelo Anthony is fading away, according to sources with knowledge of Denver's thinking.

      The Nuggets still aren't aggressively shopping Anthony and haven't withdrawn their longstanding offer of a contract extension, but numerous sources told that Denver officials have in recent days let other teams know for the first time that they will listen to pitches after previously resisting such discussions.

      "I'm not sure how soon, but I do think they're going to trade him [between now and February]," said one rival GM.
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