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Who Will Be The Raptors Captain In 2010-11? Did An Amir Tweet This AM Tell Us?

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    Pizzaman wrote: View Post
    NBA players especially who do so are classless and ignorant of the fact they have teamates. If I did the same at work I would get fired, why should it be different?
    You have no idea what a Captain should be.
    That's your opinion but you're throwing around words like classless & ignorant like it's the truth. If that's the case then Jordan, Kobe, LBJ, Wade, Melo, Pippen, Phil Jackson, Magic, Bird and so forth have all vented in the media at different times during their careers about some locker-room and/or coach related particulars. Are they classless & ignorant in your mind as well? You're a funny, irrational, fanatical dude- blue or red pill?

    I don't even know you or what you do for work but I can guarantee it's not being an NBA player or something related ie entertainer, so that comparison is null & void- try again......back to life, back to reality- however do you want it, however do you need it.

    You're right, I have no idea what a Captain should be (sarcasm)- but TO's players do and Jack is more than likely to be one of at least 2 team captains this season- do the full math not the self serving half.

    Jack is the Raptor's mentor for the YG'z- recognize game, or not.
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      Andrea should be the Captain.


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        RaptorsFan4Life wrote: View Post
        Andrea should be the Captain.
        Of the Titanic........With Barg's as the current Raptor Franchise player MLSE might as well change the team name to the Toronto