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Making Sense Of The D-League Usage Grades

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  • Making Sense Of The D-League Usage Grades

    Back on Aug 17, 2010 Arsenalist wrote an article entitled "The Raptors use of the D-League" put up yesterday on their website an article entitled "Making Sense of the D-League Usage Grades"

    Here are their grades
    Houston Rockets: 4.00 GPA
    San Antonio Spurs: 3.92 GPA

    Honor Roll

    Oklahoma City Thunder: 3.75 GPA
    Golden State Warriors: 3.59 GPA
    Utah Jazz: 3.34 GPA

    Passing, Room for Improvement
    Boston Celtics: 2.84 GPA
    Cleveland Cavaliers: 2.78 GPA

    On the Right Track
    Dallas Mavericks: 2.54 GPA

    Just Getting By

    Miami Heat: 2.33 GPA
    Mempis Grizzlies: 2.11 GPA
    Charlotte Bobcats: 2.08 GPA
    Los Angeles Lakers: 2.00 GPA

    Below Average

    Phoenix Suns: 1.92 GPA
    Toronto Raptors: 1.83 GPA
    Chicago Bulls: 1.78 GPA
    New York Knicks: 1.58 GPA

    Should Consider a Tutor
    Washington Wizards: 1.46 GPA
    Minnesota Timberwolves: 1.44 GPA
    Detroit Pistons: 1.37 GPA
    Sacramento Kings: 1.33 GPA
    Milwaukee Bucks 1.17 GPA

    See Me After Class

    Atlanta Hawks: 0.92 GPA
    Denver Nuggets: 0.92 GPA
    Portland Trail Blazers: 0.89 GPA
    Los Angeles Clippers: 0.83 GPA
    New Jersey Nets: 0.63 GPA
    Philadelphia 76ers: 0.63 GPA

    Failing, but with Signs of Improvement

    New Orleans Hornets: 0.50 GPA

    Failing, Not Even an E for Effort

    Indiana Pacers 1.33/0.25 GPA
    Orlando Magic: 0.00 GPA

    To read the complete article you can go to the link in the second paragraph of this post.

    For some information on how the grades were computed - Did Arse contribute to the D-League Digest article above?

    The link for the entire article links to a Clippers Blog:)
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