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Calderon To Bobcats Rumors Heat Up Again? - Will Jose Calderon be a Bobcat Monday?

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    Raptor4Ever wrote: View Post
    Dampier was just waived by BobCats.

    Raptor fans can now stop all the trade talks involving Jose.

    There is no more Takers.
    And that is most unfortunate for the Raptors. His contract is the only thing holding the Raptors back from a quick rebuild. Hopefully he can get healthy and play well enough to entice a team to take him on.

    I still think something will happen between INdiana, CHarlotte, and Toronto. What each team needs, the others have. Time will tell - at least Dampier is out of the picture now.


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      I can't imagine why there are not more takers for an overpaid, injury-prone, defensively challenged, overly-careful back-up point guard who can't run a fast break, break down opposing defenses, or get to the line. His clapping and Gatorade-passing skills alone are worth at least $9 million per year.