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Dampier Released - Should The Raptors Dump Someone To Sign Him?

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    jbml wrote: View Post
    Raptors in the running according to SI
    Thu Sep 16 02:41am PDT
    Rockets offer Dampier two years

    By Mark J. Miller

    Erick DampierThe Charlotte Bobcats waived center Erick Dampier(notes) the other day and he already has an offer from the Houston Rockets for two years and $4 million, according to a source of the Houston Chronicle
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      Miami is going to offer Dampier a chance to go down in NBA history while starting alongside Bosh, LBJ, Wade- immediate NBA title contention plus Miami weather. Miami will be better able to match up against the bigger front lines of preseason NBA title contenders like Boston (SO'Neal, JO'Neal, Perkins, Davis, Garnett, Erden), Orlando (Howard, Gorat, Bass, Ortin) & the Lakers (Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Caracter, Ratliff) if they are able to sign Dampier. I sure, hopefully, Dampier isn't hurting for money as he's made a tens of millions over his career and will take advantage of the opportunities Miami offers him as a player.

      Miami could have a very veteran laden roster especially if Stackhouse gets on as he has been politicking for:

      *C: Dampier/Anthony/Magloire/Ilgauskus
      PF: Bosh/Halsem/Howard
      PF: James/Jones/Stackhouse or Butler
      SG: Wade/Miller
      PG: Chalmers/Arroyo/House

      With this projected Heat roster Bosh won't have to play ANY center minutes and the Heat depth will save his knees, body over 82 games and the playoffs. The Heat will most likely be deeper (roster depth) than Atlantis is a few days......
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