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High hopes for Amir's fantasy potential (and overall play)

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    I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying here. Are you saying that guys who receive a pass and score 'create their own shot', in addition to guys who can get shots of the dribble by themself? That basically means everybody who can score is a shot creator, and we should just do away with the expression 'create your own shot'. Not to get overly into semantics here, but the word "own" implies that you do it by yourself. A guy receiving a pass off a pick and roll, for example, already has the advantage that the defense is moving.

    My impression of a what it means for a guy to "create his own shot", is the ability to get off a good, high percentage shot when the defense is fully set and the rest of the offense is mostly static. The classic toss-the-ball-into-D-Wade scenario, with the other 4 guys mostly standing around and watching.
    Yes a lot of guys can get off their own shot.

    The questions are

    1. Can they do it often or not?
    2. Can they make the shot with a high degree of accuracy?

    It is in my opinion more accurate to say. He can create off of the dribble, which people say.
    He can create by clearing out space, which people say.

    He can create by getting open, which people say sometimes. For example Rip Hamilton has never been known to have especially good handles. However, people say that he gets open by running behind and off of screens which is true.

    You could say Amir creates his shot with his extreme energy and athleticism which is also true.

    In may opinion the blanket catch all phrase "he can create his own shot" is just like that dumb term "role" player".

    If on the other hand when you use the phrase he can create his own shot to mean that a player can get into a good position with the ball with a good deal of frequency to shoot and make a high percentage of his shots regardless of how he gets into that position then I would accept it as a valid term.

    just my opinion.
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      Ah, typically when someone says "he can create his own shot" what is meant is that the player has the ball handling and athletic ability to create space to effectively get his shot off without having a hand in his face and without the need of any help from anyone of his teammates. That phrase is not dumb at all. Amir can have all the energy in the world but he's not going to come out on top of a situation where the ball is in his hands, the defense is set and he has to create a good look for himself and make it.