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Bargnani has never won anything, and is about as exciting as an eggplant.

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  • Bargnani has never won anything, and is about as exciting as an eggplant.

    Toronto sports fans are the biggest haters

    When was the last time they had a hero?


    Last Updated: September 15, 2010 8:36pm

    Philadelphia, as the saying goes, may be the place where sports fans go to the airport to boo safe landings -- but Toronto isn't far behind.

    In fact, an argument could be made that Toronto sports fans are the biggest haters in North America. At the very least, they're the angriest.

    Think about it. There are no real sports heroes in this town anymore, other than old guys who retired a long time ago.

    Most of the passion exhibited by Toronto sports fans the past few years has come in the form of boos and catcalls, directed at the likes of Vince Carter, Bryan McCabe and Vernon Wells (although not so much this season for Wells). And just wait until Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Bosh arrive in town this year.

    The easiest thing in the world is to put together a list of the most reviled (active) athletes in Toronto.

    On the other hand, it's virtually impossible to put together a list of beloved Toronto sports figures.

    Sure, there's still a lot of affection for old farts like Doug Gilmour and Wendel Clark, but not for anyone that actually still plays -- which is pretty amazing for a major sports market.

    Boston has Tom Brady. There's Derek Jeter in New York. Los Angeles has Kobe Bryant. There's Drew Brees in New Orleans, Dwyane Wade in Miami. Cleveland had Le-Bron James, until he took his talents, and his ego, to South Beach.


    Well, let's see. There's ... no one.

    The highest-paid players in Toronto -- Vernon Wells, Andrea Bargnani, Dion Phaneuf -- are far from being exceedingly popular, never mind beloved.

    It could be argued that Roy Halladay and Chris Bosh were both revered, but both are gone and only one of them is still held in high esteem, and his name ain't Chris.

    Wells is just too low key, and gets paid too much, to be a popular figure.

    Bargnani isn't the star he was supposed to be, has never won anything, and is about as exciting as an eggplant.

    As for the Raptors, well, it's sad really.

    Raptors fans have been some of the best fans in the NBA, when they have a half decent team, and good players, to cheer for.

    But increasingly, Raptors fans are becoming known for being haters, fans who boo players.

    Especially those who once played in Toronto.

    As it is right now, when Toronto sports fans blog, or give their two cents worth on the radio or email sportswriters, there's a lot anger.

    Everyone seems pissed off.

    There's a lot of hate.

    Mind you, with good cause
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