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Ed Davis Has Meniscal Injury

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    the thing that bugs me is that BC haters are going to add drafting Ed Davis to their list of his failures, likely reasoning that he should have seen this coming.


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      aintno4s wrote: View Post
      the thing that bugs me is that BC haters are going to add drafting Ed Davis to their list of his failures, likely reasoning that he should have seen this coming.
      Ed Davis career as a Raptor will be judged heavily on Colangelo especially if he doesn't pan out.

      I doubt no one in their right mind would see this minor setback as Ed Davis being a faliure. Even Marcus "glass" Camby was heavily injury prone during his 20's and still managed to be somewhat of a force in his late 20's to early 30's.


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        SirChillyMost wrote: View Post
        Doug Smith needs to stfu, immediately, as he seems to lack the basic insight of an NBA player's off season work out regime not to mention the "love of the game" clause that is written into most NBA player contracts ala Jordan that allows them to play basketball whenever and whenever they would like to play basketball ie Rucker Park. Who in their right mind would suggest that a healthy NBA player not work out as much as possible in the off season in order to get better?

        Doug Smith's drama class 101 is now in session ie was Amir aka Big A really in the building????

        As well, most NBA player's work out twice a day (2-3 hours each time) in the off season unsupervised by said team and have been since Dennis Johnson was a Sonic, plus play in open run scrimmages afterwards at various courts. The real question is does Doug Smith need to raise his basketball IQ? Yes. Or he's treating Raptor fans & followers who read that above posted article as basic fools in relation to Davis' related injury particulars ie open runs. Davis isn't the 1st Lottery pick to get injured before his rookie year began and won't be the last.

        I went through the Big Country era here in Vancouver and I would rather have a workaholic aka gym rat player than someone you have to carefully monitor to see if they have gotten up off of their couch or out of their fishing boat in the summer time and onto a basketball court in order to work out.

        Btw- Golden State's Lottery PF- Ekpe Udoh, is also injured (wrist) and may miss up to half of the NBA season plus he didn't get to run in Vegas unlike Davis. Also, Piston's Lottery PF Greg Monroe had toe surgery this summer but should be ready for training camp according to reports. Since we don't have an official Raptor report on the true extent of Davis' injury or an estimation on his timeline of his potential rehab process folks can't make a full analysis of his situation in relation Udoh & Monroe.

        Like Doug said- injuries can happen anywhere & at anytime: he should have stopped his article right there.
        Great points all-around.

        I feel compelled to mention last year's "forgotten" #1 overall pick. I wonder how Blake Griffin's going to bounce back (bounce around) after rehabbing his knee injury, which forced him to miss all of last season.

        Davis's injury is a set-back; maybe even a long-term blessing. But it's definitely not a tragedy. *Knocks on wood*
        RR OG