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Sportsnet One Now on Shaw

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  • Sportsnet One Now on Shaw

    Just checked the guide and sportsnet one is now available on Shaw...pheww...looks like everyone out west including Raptors Republic HQ (is it really in Athabasca?) is gonna be A-ok this year...hope you guys out east don't have another TSN2 debacle.

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    This is great news for me!


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      How many games will be on Sportsnet One?


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        Good news

        Big raptor fan here in Edmonton, so it's good news;


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          Would you look at that... just checked the guide and sure enough SportsNet 1 is there. Looks like Rogers has an axe to grind with Bell - and rightfully so. Unfortunately two wrongs don't make a right.


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            Same here, but I have Bell ExpressVu provided by my landlord upstairs tho...WHEN will they have SportsNet One for Bell ExpressVU and can you just only add only one channel instead of a whole package?
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              What about Cogeco subscribers?

              A couple of years ago, I was living in the GTA. Rogers subscibers (including myself) did not have access to TSN2 due to a dispute between Bell and Rogers. I missed quite a few games because of this.

              Now that I am in the Niagara region, I am with Cogeco. The EXACT same thing is happening to me again with Sportsnet One not being available in Cogeco country!

              I hope this BS comes to an end soon
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