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    So your saying that the Minnesota being called the Timberwolves perpetuates the stereotype of Minneapolis being a frozen wasteland as well. Minnesota is probably the closest thing to Canada climate and cultural wise outside this country so....


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      OTFP wrote: View Post
      Uh Lakers.


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        I don't like this. What was the problem with last year's jersey? Do we seriously need to put a maple leaf on the back? -- Is this team representing Canada now?

        This reeks of MLSE.


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          Man, I hate that they took the claw away, replacing it with the f***ing maple leaf. Lame, lame, lame. Easy to imagine the kind of pro-corporate non-Raptors fan who made that decision. Not unlike whoever dragged the whole Huskies thing from out of the trash-pile. (Cuz) whatever a failed (and losing) franchise that existed for one year back in 1946-47 has to do with the Toronto Raptors of today, I’ll never understand. Except for someone -- probably that same old lady who removed the claw -- in MLSE earning a fat bonus for coming up with another way to separate a few sleepy Raptors fans from more of what’s in their wallets. It’s bonus time, yet again, at MLSE.


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            Not really that much of a change but

            I like it! The spacing with the letters and numbers look better. I like em' better than last years jersey's. Who cares how the US media is going to take it. There's only one NBA team in all of Canada, we should represent our country since its such a unique and special place. Keep the leaf!

            My wish is that the raptors would change the franchise back to the Huskie's theme. That jersey is sweet!
            We all make mistakes... Tanking is not the answer.. This squad can ball! Let it roll!!


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              I'm not saying keep the same plain Huskies jerseys that were used last year. I'm saying lose the whole goofy dinosaur thing and reinvent the team as the "Huskies"

              I became sold on this when I first saw this guys wallpaper art:


              Even CB4-ever-a-softy looks no-nonsense and tenacious as a Husky. Read London's "White Fang". It really presents the wild wolf-like nature and disciplined resilience of the Husky. (with a good dose of mean-spiritedness) Huskies are the epitome of primal, team oriented competitiveness. They are also distinctly Canadian. (see Due South) Also, I think that there's a good sense of Indian spirituality looming over the wolf-like aspect of the Husky. I remember listening to a real wolf-howl up at Algonquin Park and it sent shivers up my spine. Couple all of this with the fact that the first NBA game was played by the T.O. Huskies and I can't see why anyone would disagree.