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Bargnani's Shot Selections in 09-10

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  • Bargnani's Shot Selections in 09-10

    I thought we could take a look at Bagnani's shot selection vs Amir's to see what kind of shots they take and how successful they are with those shots.


    We see that Bargnani is assisted on about 10% more of his field goals than Johnson and Johnson has about twice the percentage of his shots blocked. Johnson also has a significantly higher eFG% than Bargnani.

    The difference can be explained thusly
    1. Johnson gets a higher percentage of his field goals off of rebounds. No assist required on this play. Johnson has a higher percentage of his shots blocked. This is due to Johnson shooting more close in shots where it is more congested with more defenders on many of the plays.

    Johnson also has higher eFG% because a significantly higher percentage of his shot attempts come a lot closer to the basket than Bargnani's do. However, when you read on you might be surprised to see that less then 20% come from garbage plays; i.e. off of rebounds.

    I do not know why the Pts below total to only 14.9


    26% of Bargnani's are from the "Inside" with just 1% being tip-ins.
    46% of Bosh's shots were from the inside with 5% being tip-ins.
    79% of Johnson's shots were from the inside with 10% being tip-ins.

    So what do we see here. Most likely better floor spacing with Johnson and Bargnani than with Bosh and Bargnani. Johnson and Bargnani's offense styles appear to compliment one another and not overlap by too much. It seems to me that this is a good thing.

    Now lets look at specific type of shot selections

    % of Shots Taken
    Spot up------37.9%-------7.7%
    Post up-------16.1%------13.1%
    Pick & Roll----11.0%------19.0%
    Off Rebound---4.3%-------17.0%

    Bagnani gets 64% or nearly 2/3 of his shots from three plays; i.e. Spot Up, Post Up and Pick and Roll

    Johnson on the other hand get 65.2% of his shots from four plays if you count Off Rebound as a play. They are in order, Pick and Roll, Off Rebound, Cut and Post Up.

    What is really different here is that Bargnani gets almost 40% of his shots off of one type of shot, where Johnson does not get more than 20% of his shots from one type of shot.

    Bargnani relies quite heavily on on what I would call stationary shots; i.e. Getting to a spot and receiving a pass, 54% of his shots. Bargnani is assisted on 81% of his jump shots (see link) and almost 40% of his shots are spot up shots. So for Bargnani to score it appears that he needs to get to a spot come to a stop and receive a pass. At which time if he able to get off a shot he either shoots a spot up shot or a post up most most likely jump shot.

    Johnson on the other hand contrary to what a lot of fans think showed that he scores with a good variety of shots, much more so than Bargnani. Where was Johnson the weakest last season? In Isolation and Spot Up shots. To try and remedy that situation Johnson has spent the summer working on his dribbling and jump shooting.

    If he is successful in improving his dribbling and jump shooting enough he will have a extremely versatile arsenal of shots from which he can score.

    Johnson it appears is a lot closer to becoming a well rounded scorer than Bargnani. Taking more spot up shots will no doubt lower Johnson's offensive efficiency a bit whereas improving is Isolation ability should not negatively affect his efficiency and may improve his points per possession (PPP)

    Talking about PPP last Sesson

    Johnson-----1.14-----#6 in the NBA
    Bargnani-----1.00---#76 in the NBA

    source: Synergy Sports
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