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Who'll Wear the Biggest Target This Year?

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    Being a matter of expectations, it all sums up to what we expect from who.
    I just hope everybody will play hard any given day, and a lot of posts have shown that this thought is shared by many of us.
    So, from my (our?) point of view the pressure is the same on everybody on the team.
    What can be said is that Bargnani's effort hasn't always been satisfying. I do hope that he'll show us an increased level of intensity, and that's the pressure I hope he'll feel. Then, if this leads to 20 + points, 8 + rebounds, better help defence, all for the best, but it's not the crucial point.
    To tell the truth, there's another pressure Bargnani will have to face throughout the season: what about the Valderrama girl expectations?


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      Bargnani & Her Hotness


      I think Andrea needs to keep his pistol in the holster before games.


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        YKR23 wrote: View Post
        definately Collangelo, he needs to show tht he is one of the top GM's in the game. and i think if he dosent produce in the next 3 seasons hes GONZO
        3 seasons is way too long. 2 at MOST. I say if he doesn't do anything outstanding with that TPE + Barbosa fails to produce, he's gone before seasons end.


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          Andrea will do the same wich is 17/6 so im hoping they plasy team ball this year for them to make some noise. As far who will have the biggest target on their back BC.
          "Hello, Hello !.....You Play to Win the GAME!!"

          Herm Edwards