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Calderon Disappointed the Trade with Charlotte Didn't Go Down

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    this is sad.


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      I'm spanish and he doesn't say he was dissapointed with Bobcat's deal didn't going down. He says that Jordan was the one that wanted him, that was just a press roumor that Jordan broke the deal, and that the trade didn't go down because a Charlotte's trouble with cap space...

      If someone wants me to translate (in my awful english ) some part of the interview just tell me


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        'Said he looked forward to going to Charlotte and helping out, was disappointed when the trade didn't go down.'

        He does not say anything even near that...RealGM should have seen another interview 8|


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          ^^ what does he say then ?? i knew calderon wouldnt say something like that.


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            tbihis wrote: View Post
            first one was obviously a slip, players have been complaining that the ads that were stuck on the floor was too slippery. 2nd video, clearly he didnt have his feet planted right after he went over gallinari's screen, so it wasnt the crossover that leveled him, it was gallinari's feet.

            i think every player who finds out that he was supposed to get traded but the trade was rescinded will definitely have ill-feelings towards the club that was trading him, just human nature. but knowing jose, he'll probably push that aside and concentrate on giving his all next season afterwhich i expect the raps to keep him.
            So we're on the same page as far as agreeing that the 2 vidz posted to discredit Jose were poor attempts at cherry picking, right? Because it's sometimes hard to tell. I think the Nate video is especially bad. Nate travels, Gallo sets a dubious screen, Nate pushes off and Bargs gets called (though this clip ends too early) for stuffing the shot from a totally out of control Nate back into his own silly head.

            Really I think this video is better evidence of crappy NBA refs than how bad Jose's D is.

            As for buddy who is trying to point out how slow and un-athletic #8 is, well I direct you to my 2nd link. Yes, that is slow, no hops havin', Jose catching up to, and blocking, super athletic Gerald Wallace. He also dunks (youtube it) on occasion and (when healthy!) turns the corner and gets to the rim with ease.

            I don't mind criticism of players, but let's keep it real. It's like me comin' on here posting how Bargnani is a shitty shot.
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            LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!


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              Arsenalist wrote: View Post
              We have four point guards right now, that is evidence that a trade is coming.
              Calling Barbosa a point guard is a bit of a stretch. Even when he's out there with a certified 2 guard (say a back court of Barbs/Hill/Jrich) he's really just a short 2 playing a bit of point because that's the only spot he could hope to guard. His game isn't really even a combo guards game. He's just a scorer.
              LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!