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Triano Won't Hesitate Playing Barbosa at the Point

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  • Triano Won't Hesitate Playing Barbosa at the Point

    Expect to see backcourt pairings of Barbosa with DeRozan and Weems this season. Like I've said before, I think this team will be depending on Barbosa more than most haven't given him credit for from what I've read here over the summer.

    The Raptors, once on pace a season ago to become one of the worst defensive squads ever, will look to be more aggressive and disruptive at that end of the floor, something Barbosa – who has averaged a steal a game over the course of his career – can provide.

    “If we play good defence, it will force turnovers,” Triano said.

    “We’re going to look for advantages in transition.”

    Barbosa, at 6-foot-3, 202 pounds is the size of a point guard, but has always played more like a shooting guard. He favours attacking the hoop or bombing threes to setting up teammates.

    Still, Triano said he won’t have a problem playing Barbosa in a backcourt with DeMar DeRozan and Sonny Weems instead of only with point guards Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon.
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    Last year there was games when both Jack and Calderon weren't getting the job done, plus we all know Calderon will miss at least 10 games sometime during the season so it's defenitly a possibility. If Barbosa,Weems and DD is working than i say go with it Triano, what i dont want to see is the Jack and Calderon paring this year !
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      So what does this mean, whoever gets the inbound pass will be the one who gets to shoot it?


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        Barbosa playing the point? Many of us have already commented his lack of skills as a pg during the worlds, so I won't repeat myself here. Look, a steal or a block doesn't equal good defense, and for what I've seen in these years Barbosa isn't exactly a defensive force...can be annoying and pretty quick (obviously) but the same can be said for Belinelli...maybe a bit of an hyperbole, but not much imo. Can't see that making a difference, maybe a marginal better D in particular matchups, but on the offensive end it looks like a disaster to me; adding a couple of points in transition per game is nice, but there's more in a running an offense here and there


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          I can guarantee that Barbosa will not be handling the ball at the one. Since, both weems and Derozan worked on their ball handling over the summer they'll be handling the ball. I can imagine Weems setting up Derozan with plenty of alley oops with this configuration.
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            Only a good idea if TO has a point forward like Turk, Prince, SJackson, Diaw or TMac who can set up the offense while bringing the ball up the court as well. I don't see Barbosa as a pg unless Jay just wants to freelance, run and gun on offense.

            There's a reason why Nash played so many minutes in Phoenix at the pg spot- because Barbosa isn't a point guard he's a scoring guard for whatever it's worth the less responsibilities he has to worry about (setting up sets, getting players in right spots, etc) the better for his Blur game in my mind.

            I'm not sold on Weems & DD ball dribbling skills as primary ball handler yet, have to watch them in the preseason to make a fair assessment.


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              bad idea
              ya dun noe


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                No shocker here. Colangelo built the Suns run and gun team and Barbosa was used at the point then at times spelling Nash. I expected that Barbosa would be used at the point here sometimes because of this. If he's out there with Weems I really don't see the problem. The team is going to be about ball movement this year and not about the PG breaking down the defense and making the right pass to the open man.
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                  I wouldn't want to spend the majority of a game at point with Barbosa however the year he won sixth man, he averaged 18pts and 4.4ast a game. Not bad as a backup PG.