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Hard Cap coming/What is Colangelo thinking?

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  • Hard Cap coming/What is Colangelo thinking?

    The negotiations for this summer's CBA are not looking promising. The NBAPA is not open to a hard cap or cutting their cut of 57% of revenue. The NBA is looking for a hard cap and more like 50% of revenue. Uh oh. We know in the end, the NBA will win this matter. Look no further than NHL lockout. Look no further than many teams lose money in the NBA - no operating costs means no money lost.

    Sooooo.... with those things in mind and the consensus is looking at a salary cap of no more than $60M, I am attempting to look in to BC's mind for next season.

    First off, I think the Raps end up trading Calderon for Diaw for no other reason than CHA clearly wants to move Diaw and Calderon is exactly the type of PG they need offensively and have a team that can help cover his defeciencies defensively. CHA needs to perform now to continue to get the support back behind the team and make the most of what they have in Jackson and Wallace.

    So if you don't think this trade happens, the rest of my logic will be flawed to you, but this is what I'm thinking is in BC's mind:

    PG: Jack, _______, _______
    SG: DD, Barbosa, _______
    SF: Kleiza, Diaw, _______
    PF: Davis, Johnson, ______
    C: Bargnani, Alabi, ______

    Excluding Barbosa and Diaw the salary commitment for next year is about $29M.

    With a new hardcap and considering Barbosa will be 28 and Diaw will be 29, I could see BC saying "Don't pick up the option on your contracts and we'll do 4yr/$20M deals." Basically something in the ball park of $5M a year each. If I was those guys with a hard cap, I'd take it.

    This takes salary up to $39M.

    Add in 2 first round draft picks ($5-6M).

    We have about $45M in salary and 11 players.

    That leaves about $15M to sign Weems, a bigger free agent (Jeff Green, Thaddeus Young, Marc Gasol, Al Horford would all be my choices), and a third string PG. The TPE could also factor in as well.

    That is what I think BC is thinking about.

    Now the league could be locked out for the whole season so this could all be for nothing.
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