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  • MLSE Explained from an Insider!

    Ex-MLSE Board member explains why MLSE sports teams have struggled in the past, and why they are now seen as some of the best up-and-coming franchises in all of pro sports.

    Amazing read.
    When Tom Chambers dunks an NBA player gets their hops...

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    who sees them as "some of the best up and coming franchises"?


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      Good, good read. Hopefully this clears up misconceptions and questions about or overall goals and also our direction.
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        “Can you imagine Toronto if you had a team contending for the Stanley Cup?”

        They would have, if Gretzky had been called for the high stick to Gilmour's face at the end of that game. It would have been Habs-Leafs. The most egregious example of star treatment in the history of sports.


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          Its a pretty huge feat that the Raps are still around. Credit to the avid Toronto sports fans for continuing to fill up whatever sport event is going on. Its too bad that the Grizzlies franchise was run so bad, becuase aside from Ontario, B.C. is Canada's second biggest bball scene in Canada.