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RR's Pre-Season Tip-off vs Suns: Who Will Be The Leading Scorer?

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    Albeit we played against most of Phoenix's second stringers, that was a pleasant first half. Offensively Andrea needs to get more touches in the post and not beyond the arc. Kleiza's fantastic and is going to turn many heads this season. Would like to see Barbosa get some more looks on offense.

    Defensively everything besides our transition defence as been great too. Love how active these guys are on the offensive glass too.


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      Well, I had Kleiza and 16-20pts. Where do I collect my prize?


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        OMGBBQWTF ... this team is winning the championship this year. Book it.


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          Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
          OMGBBQWTF ... this team is winning the championship this year. Book it.
          HAHA, I agree... Undefeated!

          JOEY DORSEY IS A BEAST! Lets get rid of Reggie soon and give his minutes to this guy...


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            Wow what a performance, and I thought it would be the Raps ending up losing by 50 points.

            The Suns seems to be nothing without Amare much to what I suspected , expect a big fire sale by the trade deadline with every vet moving except Turkododo

            a couple notes on few players:

            Derozan - very slow start, only started to pick things up later in the game and was rewarded when he was being aggrassive

            Bargnani - is going to be under the bus, really unfocused and tried to force things because the Suns defence decided to focus their attention on him from the get go, really didn't look comfortable out there.

            Kleiza - Driving the bus - 20 points in 20 minutes, you can tell that this guy is a player, could turn into a team captain someday.

            Dorsey - BEAST!! I see the potential in him, very nice double double, its nice for a change to see a big guy from your team dominates other teams who lack bigs.

            Jackeron: They did a nice job together and I think the Raptors are better off having both of them on the team because neither Banks or Barbosa are quality pg material.

            D. Andersen - did a decent job out there, I was pleasently suprised, Usually anyone coming from the Houston Rockets system tends to play smart basketball which he did.

            A. Johnson - if he wants to see more time on the floor this season and to prove that he was worth the money then he got to stop committing bad fouls.


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              Thom wrote: View Post
              I think the Suns and Barbosa know each other too well for one to expose the other too badly. I think Kleiza will post-up on Turk early and find his groove.
              Just as I expected... I was right. = )

              I thought the game was great. The team played well together on both ends of the floor and you can tell the effort is there. The only two downers for me were Johnson's five fouls in 15 mintues and Bargnani's overall poor performance. He did seem to show a bit better help defense, but he was going against Robin Lopez, not Brook Lopez. Overall, the entire team could have gotten back and played some transition defense.

              I know a lot of people were scratching their heads about Evans starting, but he was in great shape and can definitely be a great banger for us. He definitely toned up which was really nice to see. Dorsey was just "sick, wicked and nasty." I'm really excited about both players.