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Amir Johnson - It's Time To Man Up

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  • Amir Johnson - It's Time To Man Up

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Amir Johnson - It's Time To Man Up

    It is time to man-up or be a bench rotation player for the rest of your career.

    You will probably never have a better opportunity to move from being a bench rotation player to a starter in the NBA.

    You have stated that you have three goals, probably among others, for 2010-11

    1. Dunk on Shaq
    2. Average a double-double
    3. Become an All-Star

    Here are what I think your three main goals for 2010-11 should be

    1. Stay healthy - Always should be the #1 goal for all athletes every season
    2. Play hard and focused every minute on the court
    3. Play good enough so that Triano will want to and be able to play you 30 plus minutes a game.

    I would focus more on doing what you need to do to get the 30 mpg more than on averaging a double-double. Before every game and in practice it should be first and foremost on your mind.

    What do I have to do to play 30 plus minutes per game in the upcoming game?

    If you can wind up doing that, everything else will follow. However, unless you can do that there will no starting yet alone averaging a double-double or becoming an All-Star.

    "30 minutes a game and I am going to get me some fame"

    Posted by Buddahfan at 10:23 AM
    It's Time
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    very very true before Amir's going to get any of his goals hes goign to need to accomplish those girls first which are probably harder for him then anything to do. if he learns how to play smart and aggressive defence without fouling out then i think his contract will be justified because we need some interior presence from mr.3000


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      blaze89 wrote: View Post
      before Amir's going to get any of his goals hes goign to need to accomplish those girls first
      - Thats one way to man up
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      What if... Blazers had drafted both Drexler, Jordan?

      From 1992 Beginner's Guide to the NBA Finals, The Oregonian's special section. Published 6/3/1992.

      Michael Jordan was the #3 pick in the 1984 draft, after Portland selected Sam Bowie second.


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        Wonder sometimes who mentors these guys...if at all. Goals are a good thing but.....

        Buddah, I dont think your guy runs with a crowd made up of thinking people. Why dont you send him some mail and advise.