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So We Lost by 4 ... Big Deal

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  • So We Lost by 4 ... Big Deal

    Ok, first of all we lost that sucks but it's preseason and we lost by 4 points to the eastern conference champs.
    Positives: Offensive scoring: Barbosa, Kleiza, Weems, Jack with 5 rebounds as well
    Defense: Amir only 1 foul in 15 min, De Rosan 3 steals, Kleiza 3 steals, +6 in created turnovers including 5 from 5 rondo,

    Problems: Bargniani looks lost and isn't getting the ball. Jack needs to direct him to the right spot and get him the ball. Bargniani was lost on the help d a few times. 3 rebounds is pathetic When you shoot 1-8 that's an issue, somebody's gotta wake the kid up. Jack with 1 assist says alot. Reggie Evans in the starting lineup, the guy can't shoot jump shots or even free throws. He should be playing a minimum role. Joey Dorsey with 5 fouls in 9 min LOL, it's preseason put him out there until he fouls out. The Celtics shot 53%, not good enough defense. We are getting turnovers from the pressure however, the guards were getting blown by again getting easy baskets to their big men. The help D is not there. Coach is gonna give it to them in practice for sure. Lots of room to improve and we only lost by 4. We'll be alright during the season. I think if had Diaw he would have helped them this game. It'll be interesting to see what they do against the celtics next preseason game.

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    Had we not shot as terrible as we did in the first half we would of likely won tonight. Defence overall wasn't too bad. Kleiza had a couple lapses tonight and was lazy by cheating a handful of times, but if we don't establish a post game with someone this season, then its going to be a huge struggle. Bargnani has been continued to disappoint, but until he learns to play the post like a centre should then I don't expect anything to change.


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      It was actually a very competitive game although Boston rested alot of their starters it was still competitive unlike the Phoenix game. Garnett shut Barg's down. Barbosa looked really good- starting material good. Rap's need a point forward- Prince, Diaw, SJackson- asap!!!!


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        Problems of the game:

        1) Bargnani
        2) Bargnani
        3) No post game from anyone. Always just driving the lane. No one had their back to the basket and tried to work it in. Thats where I miss a Chris Bosh.
        4) Lot of Cheating to help on Defence (Example: Kleiza cheats of Marquise (?) Daniels which results in a rare Daniels 3-pointer
        5) Il Mago
        6) Not taking advantages of machups. FOr the last 9 minutes of the game it was Toronto's starting 5 vs Boston's Bottom 5. THey should have taken advantage of this. Instead we saw scrubs blowing by our top players, namely, and I cant say this enough
        7) BARGNANI!!!!

        dude pised off so many people in the online chat that this is clearly gonna be a make or break season for him in TO
        What if... Blazers had drafted both Drexler, Jordan?

        From 1992 Beginner's Guide to the NBA Finals, The Oregonian's special section. Published 6/3/1992.

        Michael Jordan was the #3 pick in the 1984 draft, after Portland selected Sam Bowie second.


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          Can everyone stop on Bargnani for a sec and look at the much more glaring issue: The TEAM only got 14 assisted field goals. That's fucking horrible.

          If we're going to be relying on Jack and others to just make their own offense we're going to get shut down hard and fast once the regular season starts. If there isn't some decent ball movement soon there is some serious concern for the offense.


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            Jack only had one assist in 27 minutes, well that's not what you expect from your PG. To make it worse he had one TO and he took the last two shots of the game for raptors, which he missed one of them and the other one was blocked.
            Jack is not a PG and doesn't play like one; I believe if we let Sonny and Demar or Barbosa handle the ball they can put up better numbers than jack. And it wasn't like jack could defend Nate or West.
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              Point guard play was terrible. Jack didn't look for anyone else and Jose looked awful. Off ball movement was non existent which reminded me of the CB4 years and was a 180 from the Suns game.

              Someone please put out an APB on AB. Not only is his shot not dropping he isn't doing a damned thing otherwise. All that talk about playing with his back to the basket with Italy... what happened to it? Go to guy my ass...
              LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!