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Does Bargnani Deserve His Guaranteed Starting Position?

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  • Does Bargnani Deserve His Guaranteed Starting Position?

    I believe that we all have heard BC & Jay say that Bargnani is the only Raptor with a guaranteed starting spot (Kleiza has also been mentioned as being a projected starter based on his FIBA play by BC/Jay) going into the preseason. But after 2 preseason games Bargnani has played like a scrub in what should be his breakout year according to BC when he drafted him calling it a 5 year project- well it's now currently the start of year 5 and he comes out of the gates playing like garbage- wtf? With Jay/BC saying in the media that AB isn't the go to guy in 2010-11. As well as taking leadership responsibilities away from him via the media ie promoting Kleiza, Reggie & Jack when questioned- when Bargnani has been in TO longer than anyone except Calderon (who's most likely on his way out once BC finds a suitable deal).

    Have we (fans/followers) been bamboozeled by BC?

    All the various things that BC & Jay have criticized Bosh for lacking post free agency in the media while he was a Raptor they are now protecting Bargnani from the same media pressures- why is that?

    The constant coddling of Bargnani from BC, Gherardini & Jay has got to stop if TO ever wants to be a competitive NBA team as the players see this happening first hand every day and it could cause friction within the team especially when the player in question isn't producing at a high level in practice and/or games.

    I know it's only 2 preseason games in but AB's lackadaisical effort seems like a constant trend with Bargnani over the course of his career. If I was in charge I would sit his ass down until he posted up, rotated properly on D and crashed the boards replacing him with a less skilled but more hungry player like Dorsey in the line up. Maybe then he'll get the message or it may destroy his already fragile pre packaged ego. Il Mago or Il Drago?
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