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Triano's a "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Type of Guy

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  • Triano's a "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Type of Guy

    This according to Feschuk and I like what I'm hearing.

    Source - Click here

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    I for one like this approach.
    What if... Blazers had drafted both Drexler, Jordan?

    From 1992 Beginner's Guide to the NBA Finals, The Oregonian's special section. Published 6/3/1992.

    Michael Jordan was the #3 pick in the 1984 draft, after Portland selected Sam Bowie second.


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      I'm happy to see Jay doing this too. Il Mago better get his act together and if nothing else get past the notion that he has to be first option.


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        I think Triano will surprise some of the ppl here on the Republic who doubted him last year. I always thought he was a good coach but was justt too much of a nice guy last season but it's nice to see him getting better as a coach and learning from his mistakes. I saw the game in Vancouver and the defense was very much improved. I don't expect any blowouts against the Raptors this year except for a couple here and there; which is a far cry from last season where they got blown out pretty regularly.


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          I wonder how much influence PJ is having on these changes. I would have to say more than a little.


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            Will Jay break a clip board over his head this season???