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  • How the World Views Amir Johnson

    Hi guys, being from the Detroit area I hear a lot of news about Amir that couters all the views i hear from the Republic. I found this on the Pistons trueHoop Site (PistonPowered)

    I think Bhudda might like this

    What if... Blazers had drafted both Drexler, Jordan?

    From 1992 Beginner's Guide to the NBA Finals, The Oregonian's special section. Published 6/3/1992.

    Michael Jordan was the #3 pick in the 1984 draft, after Portland selected Sam Bowie second.

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    Funny, I watch more than my fair share of Raps TV and see far more DeRozan ads/clips, especially the one with the dribble/pull up jumpers from both sides of the lane. Last year they were Bosh heavy but still had Amir, Evans and Demar in those "Don't sweat the Technique" ads.

    Right now I'd rather be stuck with this rebuilding team than be stuck with the rebuilding, Stuckey obsessed, identity-less Pistons. Especially with Jerebko out.
    LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!


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      Other than Gregory Monroe, and Jonas Jerebko, that team is washed up and filled with players that were good at one point during their careers. They are like Boston, but with players who can't play for their lives if it was on the line anymore.


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        The Raptors are asking for a ton from AJ this year, which he might just come up with... I just hope most people realize how far over his head he is and let that help you enjoy whatever progress he makes. I'm not about to make an explanation for extra attention/scrutiny or the spot on RaptorsTV, that's just what happens because he was signed this summer to the surprise of many (and that's what the Raptors do well, cool promo clips.)
        Amir is about to get more action than he ever had in Detroit and we should be able to get a better assessment of where he's at by December or January. To be fair, I see the same potential in him at 23 years of age, but am uncertain of what effect this much exposure will have on him. Hopefully he responds very well and the team is able to support him.