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Reaistic Raptors Big Man Rotations Available to Triano and How They Rank

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  • Reaistic Raptors Big Man Rotations Available to Triano and How They Rank

    Here are the realistic big man rotational pairings that the Raptors can use given their current roster makeup. Sorry if I missed one.

    Ranked top to bottom
    1. Bargnani and Johnson - Played very well together last season which prompted numerous favorable comments during the off-season from both BC and Triano. However, Triano has so far been loathe to play this season

    2. Evans and Johnson - Seeing some very good results when they are teamed up. This is also a carryover from last season when they played well together albeit in limited minutes.

    3. Kleiza and Johnson - Works very well against teams with lighter centers.

    4. Kleiza and Evans with Weems - Would not start this front court but could prove useful at certain points during a game.

    5. Bargnani and Klieza with Weems - Could work teams with slower bigger #4 and #5

    6. Bargnani and Evans - Looked very bad so far especially on offense

    7 - 10 Anderson and either Bargnani, Johnson Evans or Kleiza

    1. I left Dorsey out because as long as Reggie is healthy Dorsey will not be in the rotation.
    2. I left Davis out at this time because he can not play right now.
    3. I left Alabi out because at this point he is not a realistic rotational player unless there is one or more injuries to the the Bigs.
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