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Post Game Thread: Toronto Raptors 108 - NY Knicks 103 (F)

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    Maleko wrote: View Post
    The thought would be he has no offense so cannot draw any attention so his man leaves or cheats off him and Bargnani has poor results when double teamed. Weigh that against his rebounds and style of hard play that 'offsets' Bargs. My thoughts are if there is another strong shooter this makes the Reggie offense moot.
    Yea i wasnt asking for a legit answer,i was being a smart ass cuz the premise of it is dumb...Bargs is not going to get double teamed and its just another excuse for why he doesnt perform...its always the case with andrea never blame his dumb lazy ass always blame another man....bargs wouldnt do shit playing with miami and his cavalry would say its Wade and Bron....