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Barbosa's Going Under the Knife Eventually

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  • Barbosa's Going Under the Knife Eventually

    Ugh .... this isn't good news to start the season. The same wrist that kept Leandro out for most of last season is slowing becoming an issue already.

    Source - Click here

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    he might not have to do it until the end of the season, who knows.
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      If they lose Barbosa for any extended period of time, it will be a significant loss. He has been pesky defensively in the pre-season and his ability to create and hit open shots are both valuable skills for this Raptor team.

      I hope yhe is able to play but the fact they are mentioning surgery before the season has begun, is concerning.


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        If he plays through it now, he could put up numbers like he did last year in Phoenix. He should just have the surgery now and correct it before it gets worse.


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          He should go for surgery now since TO isn't most likely going to the playoffs. Take care of his health 1st then ball.