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The Bryan Colangelo Evaluation thread

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  • The Bryan Colangelo Evaluation thread

    Hey, since there seems to be some disagreement about what BRYCO has done for us, I tried to objectively rank his moves and see how he looked. If there is stuff I left out, tell me (and suggest where it should go) and I'll add it.
    Edit: Added suggestions from Edgar and heinz57

    Kapono FA signing.

    A reasonable idea that pooped:
    TJ and Rasho for the Drain.
    Signing Hedo Turkoglu
    Calderon’s contract
    Trying to get Bosh to stay

    Gm standard
    Jermaine and moon + draft pick for Marion and What’sit
    Extension for Bargs
    Amir’s contract
    Belli for Julian Wright
    Delfino for 2 second round picks
    bonner and Eric Williams for Rasho and Cash
    Signing Fred Jones
    Pretty much all of his draft picks.

    Damn Solid:
    Devean George for Bellinelli
    Turkoglu for the Blur
    Signing Kleiza
    Getting Bosh to sign the contract extension
    Signing Garbajosa and Parker
    Trading Villaneuva for TJ
    Found Jamario Moon in the D-League.
    Got David Anderson for effectively nothing. Would be theft except it's David Anderson.

    Delfino and Ukic for Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems
    Signing Jarrett from the pacers
    Kapono for Evans
    Hoffa for Humphries
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      Kapono for Evans
      Not really. Both teams traded for need. Both teams didn't get much from these guys last year.

      Delfino and Ukic for Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems
      Solid move, but falls short of highway robbery. We had to lose a quality player in Delfino to get Amir and Sonny. At this point you could even argue that Delfino is a better player than Amir.


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        Prime: Those are both reasonable objections, but allow me to make the converse case:

        Kapono Evans: as of last year, I agree with you, but it is looking like Evans will be a pretty big contributor this year, whereas Kapono is contributing his ass to the bench. A starter for a 13th man is theft.

        Delfino Ukic for Johnson/Weems: This one really depends on how you feel about Weems. I agree that Delfino is reasonably even for Johnson (Johnson has more upside and fills a need for us, Delfino is a more complete player and to date the more legit starter), but Ukic is a washout from the NBA and Weems is already a solid backup and (I think) has a lot of upside. The other thing is that Delfino wasn't even on our roster: he'd been playing in Europe. So in a sense it was Ukic and the rights to a European for two young near-starters with upside. So I think that counts as theft.

        For both I can certainly get where you're coming from, though.


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          i think you should move "trying to get bosh to stay" under boner, meaning he shouldnt have done that
          and then under theft, you can put "not signing bosh to an extension", best thing that has and will ever happen to the raps.
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            Hoffa for Humphries is missing from thefts

            Granted Humphries isn't the greatest player in the world... but he was a solid contributor... and hoffa was.............. hoffa

            we basically got a roast beef sandwich, and all we had to give back was a moldy week old bologna sandwich we found under a dumpster wheel.


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              Prime wrote: View Post
              Solid move, but falls short of highway robbery. We had to lose a quality player in Delfino to get Amir and Sonny. At this point you could even argue that Delfino is a better player than Amir.
              Perhaps short of highway robbery, but it's a great move considering Delfino did not want to come back to the Raptors after we loaded up our wings (Turkoglu, Belinelli, DeRozan, and Jack). He basically turned Delfino's rights into Amir and Weems, which is a lot better than turning Delfino into Amir and Weems (because, as noted, Delfino is a talented player).

              Something that should be noted is the two second round picks used to acquire Delfino. I'd say that was a pretty solid move.


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                Missing from the list:

                - Trading a top 55 2015 2nd round pick (AKA nothing) for David Anderson would be a Damn Solid + range even if you ignore the fact that he's a legit rotational player since it converted the small Hedo TPE into a trade able asset that can be combined with other assets (TPE's cannot be combined with other TPE's or players!) while convincing Houston to pay his entire salary this year in exchange for taking them off their roster (and reducing their luxury tax).

                - Drafting Ed Davis and Demar Derozan would be Standard to Solid just based on the fact that they're clearly not busts (aka NBA-level talent) at their respective draft positions

                - Jamario Moon is a hell of a find and should be in the Damn Solid range - he was completely off the map when we signed him and he proved to be a decent rotational player

                - Carlos Delfino should be listed as GM Standard - It worked out decent for us but Detroit didn't want him pouting and their first of the 2 unprotected picks turned out as Jonas Jerebko who is decent enough and next year's pick is hard to give up since it's likely going to be 30-35 range... (unless it's protected but i don't think it is

                - Signing Fred Jones after John Salmons denied us - could be considered a poopy outcome but we did trade him for Juan Dixon - In the end a ~3 mil contract for a rotation player is prolly GM standard...

                - Traded Bonner And Eric Williams for Rasho + cash - GM standard - both teams made out decent and met their particular needs...
                When Tom Chambers dunks an NBA player gets their hops...


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                  Those are good suggestions by Edgar and heinz57, so I've added that to the list. I myself don't think it would have been that bad if Bosh stayed, so i'll leave tbihis's suggestions off (although I wonder if he might not be right if we're talking about Championship aspirations). I went with GMstandard over damn solid for the Delfino acquisition 'cuz Edgar's point about this years pick is fair, but in general I think a proven borderline starter is worth a fair amount more than 2 second round picks.