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Chris Bosh Dumped The Raptors So He Could Be On T.V.

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    photoman wrote: View Post
    ... but i'm not sure if this is what he had in mind.

    "LeBron can spin this publicly however he wants, but you can't hide on a basketball court. You're wearing a sleeveless jersey, shorts, socks and sneakers. That's it. If you're angry, we can tell. If you're happy, we can tell. If you're frightened, we can tell. For instance, Bosh was scared sh*tless Tuesday night. He'd never played in a game like that before. He wanted no part of the crowd, Kevin Garnett's swarming defense, the ball on the low post, his free throws, anything. (Not a good sign for Miami's title hopes, by the way.)"

    Ha ha! How many times was he even mentioned in that entire article!


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      Trife76 wrote: View Post
      This post tells me how out of touch you are with the really think players care about european coverage ?
      Well I don't know, but if they want attention from the NBA, and the NBA only cares about their revenue, then I'd think that they would care about European coverage


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        SirChillyMost wrote: View Post
        I don't know about all that because if TO's winning games the media coverage will come but I can understand CB's frustrations with the lack of National American media coverage of the Raptors let's remember he was still an All Star so someone had to recognize his talent level. As well folks it takes more energy to hate than to regulate Bosh is gone and now we see BC's true colors (slandering CB in media post f/a) & roster making abilities sans CB- a top line NBA player that he inherited when he became GM in TO.

        With all due respect, this video shows more about the true colors of Bosh's teammates than of him.
        BC is the GM with no clothes...let them watch basketball- but 1st you have to field a competitive team not an experiemental rendition of.....

        That being said I had a strong feeling that CB was gone from TO long before BC's infamous "someone got in his(CB) ear at the all star game" quote as soon as I seen this:
        With all due respect, this video shows more about the true colors of Bosh's teammates than of him.


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          Im tired of the way Bosh is continually forcing this spin on the reasons he went.....does he feel guilty ? Does he really care what the fans think ? Why ? I dont care what he thinks and living fine ?

          This notion that he wanted to be on tv is nice but truth is hes only getting that attention cuz he followed Wade and Bron...hes an after thought in much of this and everybody in the league knows it....He keeps forcing this spin on why he left but its nothing more than that...cuz if he went to alot of other teams with No Bron or Wade he wouldnt be on TV and he'd be in the same situation he was at here.....He should stop lying,Miamis attention and heat index (no pun) has ZERO todo with him..he just jumped on the bandwagon to get some of the accolades and press with the ride and im ok with that...but stop telling people in franchise mode vernacular your reasons for going and coming....3rd option riding coattails....not half as loved or relevant as Vince was here...So yes im good....Are you ?


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            lol and the more he keeps talking about this and mentioning it in interviews the more i thnk he doing it cuz he realizes how fraudulent and small he looks in that situation and he might be realizing they could probably win it without em and dont really need him and he want to convince everyone on his motives and why it was right for him lol.....he want to convince everyone and himself he still the 20/10 guy he was here for 5 years.......