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The Next 12 Games Will Tell Us What the 10-11 Raptors Are Made Of

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    Craig wrote: View Post
    All due respect BC boy. Bargs could care about his rebounding stats just a little more.
    Will not argue with this one bit!!

    I think it may benefit our discussions to establish what constitutes a player being a "bust". I smell a thread...


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      I don't care whether we lose or win last night game....
      If your best player can't have more than 5 a game at a PF or at C position we are screwed in the long run. What happen to all that "IMPROVEMENT" we been hearing about?


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        I can see TO getting 2 or 3 games (Sac, Philly or Wash) or losing them all it all depends on the westcoast road trip and how they play in Sactown in my mind. Bargnani has to rebound on this west coast swing that's a given 1 rebound won't cut it against Lakers, PO, Sac or Utah...smh


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          KakashiPrince wrote: View Post
          Sacramento = we will get outrebounded.... do u see there front court....
          Utah's = We beat the suns in pre-season...don't be fooled... and Utah added Al Jefferson.... and they are a PLAYOFF TEAM
          Golden State is still Golden State = which they beat us with Bosh and without Monta Ellis
          Charlotte = We always lose to defensive teams
          Washington = I'll give the raps a win .
          Sacramento could likely be a win as long as we keep Tyreke Evans into making jumpshots(the guy is really looking like a ball chucker, another A.I. maybe) and Carl Landry off the boards, Demarcus Cousins is inconsistent and you do not know what he will contribute

          Utah Jazz still have problems with offensive execution(Al Jefferson is sort of a black hole, he hardly passes the ball out of double teams and he is no Boozer), likely a win too with an exploitation of the Kleiza/Hayward matchup

          Golden State is an unknown, they could give an offensive masterpiece or clunker. ey to beating them is staying offensively with them and playing decent defense as they tend to go through offensive slumps when you least expect them

          Charlotte is a win, no PG to burn us like before and they sort of have no low post presence. Keep Gerald Wallace off the boards and we have a chance.

          Washington is a win, no comment.

          Worst case scenario, split between Utah and Sacramento(1-1), loss to Golden State(1-2), win at Charlotte and Washington(3-2), loss to Lakers and Portland(3-4)

          My two cents


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            matt wrote: View Post
            3-9 at most,
            Barney is Bust,
            1 rebound? seriously?.....
            Why don't we hear from Multipaul after performances like these??? Calling all fanboys!!!

            It's a real tough stretch and 3-9 is about the best we can hope for IMO. I just wanna see sustained effort on both ends for 48 minutes each game.
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              It's not looking too good right now.smh