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  • Bargnani & Rebounding

    Are you like me ?
    Do you get frustrated when he doesnt rebound and gives you those assinine stat lines for a C of 18 pts/2 rebs

    Its like i dont care if the team wins or loses (cuz i expect nothing this year) so it dont matter...but in my books he'll never be impactful or worth his pick if he doesnt rebound the ball...i dont care about his scoring,its irrelevant....if doesnt rebound and D up he
    s going to be a big ass 7 foot bum to me......cuz bottomline is we aint winning with no center whos allergic to rebounding and doing whats bigs have to do...its frustrating that this guy dont board....doesnt bang doesnt get dirty doesnt put himself under the bucket...doesnt want too...

    Equally sickening to me is the disregarding of it by his supporters..who are quick to tell you he scroed 24 and did this did that,hit 5 3s,had a nice baseline reverse dunk on Earl Watson (whatever)
    Only thing when i watch him or check stats if i missed this game is his rebound column,only thing i wanna know about him....i dont care about his scoring,we aint going to win cuz he scores 18 a night.....only thing i look for is rebounds and if he dont do it i further consider him a fairy ass irrelevant waste of 7 feet....

    So again dont tell me his shot PCT or his PPG i dont care it dont many rebounds did he get ? If its under 6 then keep ur mouth shut ur boys a bum and so are you...

    smh @ 1 rebound