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Colangelo Knows This Is Going To Be A Tough Season. (Revisited In Post #8)

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  • Colangelo Knows This Is Going To Be A Tough Season. (Revisited In Post #8)

    “At some degree, it pains me to feel that this is the perception of this team, but at the same time it puts us in a position to prove people otherwise and it gives us something to play for,” Colangelo says. “It gives a young, prideful, energetic and enthusiastic group something to shoot for. It's a fresh approach, much more so than a team that just expects to be good and goes out and doesn't play hard night in and night out. And it's more of a team that's ideally suited for Jay (head coach Triano) to continue to grow with as a coach.

    “Already you can see a different approach from him, you can see a different approach and effect, positive effect, that that's had on the team and how this team plays together, how they like each other, how they're, again, more enthusiastic about the process. I think at the end of the day — again, we were probably a team last year that I would argue was a 50-win team that missed the playoffs and underperformed — this year we absolutely are a team that has lower expectations but will need to overperform to make the playoffs.

    “Whether or not we make the playoffs is an unknown; again, there is no expectation. I would personally like to think that we are driving for that as a goal and I think that should be the goal each and every time we step on the floor.”
    “I haven't necessarily won that elusive championship — lots haven't – but I've had my share of success along the way and I felt like Jay was the right coach for this team at the time and I still feel that way.”
    “I just don't think you can ever be afraid in a position of decision-making. Being a key decision-maker in a process, you've got to be willing to put yourself out there, subject to criticism, subject to failure, subject to success. You can't be afraid of what the consequences may be because it could influence your thought process. You have to make decisions based on a philosophy and principles that would lead you to believe it's the right decision. And if something does go wrong, if it's the wrong or incorrect decision, I think I have a knack for making due.

    “A perfect example was the failed experiment with Hedo Turkoglu. It didn't work out and rather than sit around and try to beat my head against the wall and make it work, it was pretty clear that ship had sailed so we needed to make a deal to salvage what we could and you could argue that we got a younger player, a better player — or contributor, let me soften that — and tremendous financial relief, short term and long term.

    “It worked out in a favourable way for us. I love the fact that there was even more knowledge with respect to who the individual was, what kind of key character guy was coming in, and thus far Leandro (Barbosa) has been a great fit for this team.”
    “If I was given all the same circumstances, and again no foresight as to what the outcome was, I still think I'd make the same deal. So am I sorry or do I regret doing it after the fact? Yeah. But you can never operate with that foresight, you can prepare and you have as much information and you put that information into the equation and you try to decide what that outcome might be but that outcome has to play itself out. And in this business, there are so many variables that are a factor.”
    “Last year, there was a pretty strong notion that we should either trade Chris Bosh and get something for him while we could or do something to try to keep him.

    “Well, we went out and arguably made a pretty big splash.There was a lot of discussion about it, mostly positive, that came about when we went and got the Turkoglu transaction completed. Again, it was an attempt to try to make the most of the situation that we had under present circumstances and as recently as Feb. 15, when we went to Dallas for the All-Star Game, we were sitting on a franchise record-tying 29 wins and everything seemed kind of on-track.

    “A lot changed from that point forward, some of it explainable, some of it not explainable. I don't want to rehash the past and the reasons and what might have been but it fell at that point.

    “Even the notion that we didn't get anything for the departure of Chris Bosh is a little bit of a misconception in that we still have what's known as the trade exception as a possible means of getting better or acquisition of assets, players or assets; and we have our pick back, which was given up previously, and another pick that could potentially be packaged or utilized in some other way.

    “We didn't get nothing but I can assure you, for all the people who say we should have gotten something when we could, there weren't a lot of deals that were presented to us or that were available to us even 12 months earlier. ... There was never a deal where we would have said, ‘Wow, we really need to trade Chris to get this done.' Especially not knowing what the future held.

    “We played it out. We didn't exactly replace 24 (points per game) and 11 (rebounds per game) but we took a step in the direction towards recovering from that departure and loss by getting some things back and also having less financial restraints.”
    “I love the fans in this city and I love the passion that they show for the sport and for the Raptors in particular. I love the fact that no matter where we go, there's a following of Raptors fans. And the people I interact with, the people that I see, the people I meet in the streets — and I am out a lot to see people — they've been fantastic and supportive. I can't ask for anything more than that.”

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    The guy can talk a good interview.

    With Smitty just throwing him puff balls he hit the right notes.


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      I can actually hear him speak while reading this... lol
      #Raptor4Life, #Prepping4thePlayoffs


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        "we were sitting on a franchise record-tying 29 wins and everything seemed kind of on-track."

        That's a real indication of how poorly this team played after the all-star game. We went from a franchise record to out of the playoffs in 2 months.
        "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."



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          Yeah, everything changed immediately after the All-Star break. If I didn't know better I would think three guys got together and came to some sort of secret agreement that somehow caused a certain player to become distracted and that led to his teammates to lose their cohesiveness which ultimately killed their momentum.


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            Last month of the season was just horrible. I remember in the glorious winter months, we were doing so well. Ultimately, missing the play-offs did bring one positive thing, Ed Davis. I really liked the guy from his first year in college, and if we didn't miss the play-offs (in which we probably would have only played 4 games, maybe 5 cause we were a decent team against the East, can't remember the numbers but we were over .500 against the East) we wouldn't have been able to draft him. And he will be more important than you think, next draft we should get a PG if good ones are available. So most likely we won't be drafting any big men for a while, not decent ones at least. And with Reggie over 30, and Amir proving he can't play consistent minutes, we really needed Ed.
            Colangelo is such a great speaker, seriously. Very smart, very well put forward.


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              He finally admits the obvious???smh As is the Rap's are currently one of the worst teams in the NBA- on paper. Unless a few players have career years it will most likely remain so until BC upgrades the talent on the roster. Ed Davis will be a nice talent level boost once healthy but he's still a rookie learning the NBA ropes ala DeMar last season he will be spoon feed a starting position in my mnid.

              Coangelo is a deceiving mofo'er acts like his shit don't stink- the GM has no clothes...smh

              BC's Raptor vision is bull chit........ TPE- do you know me?

              Is BC willing to go over the salary cap to build a contender (like he previously stated?)- right....smh Or hopes to luck out in the draft?


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                In Retrospect What Do You Think Of Colangelo's Comments To Start The Season?

                Do he make more sense to you now that we're in mid-March, or less?


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                  Apollo wrote: View Post
                  Do he make more sense to you now that we're in mid-March, or less?
                  Thank you for reviving this post, as it is highly relevant. I do appreciate his comments about Turk as well, can you imagine if we had held on to that guy all year, what kind of locker room nightmare would we be in?

                  Things have basically unfolded the way they were destined to, except for Reg's injury. I think if Reg was with us all year, we would have a record similar to the Clips, but then again, that might be a bad thing for those lottery balls


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                    “Whether or not we make the playoffs is an unknown; again, there is no expectation. I would personally like to think that we are driving for that as a goal and I think that should be the goal each and every time we step on the floor.”
                    He sounded like the Japanese government PR trying to ease the minds of its citizens, just replace the words "make the playoffs" with "stop the nuclear meltdown".