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    Not starting a pro-hedo thread at all, but at least he seemed like he wanted the ball at the end. So far all Raps look afraid at the end of games. THIS IS NOT A 'WE NEVER SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF HEDO' POST.


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      RaptorRoo wrote: View Post
      What did he ever really do for this team besides bitch and moan and underachieve???
      Took clutch jump shots with confidence, induced mismatches, made good passses going to his right,played good screen/roll basketball in general. Can't forget his gut check free throws vs the Lakers and a clutch triple from the corner against the Cavs.


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        matt wrote: View Post
        Honestly I gotta say, and I watched the whole 2nd half, we got beaten by a better team. Yes they did some unfortunate mistakes, i.e. Barney being Barney, but I thought overall the effort by most of our players was there.
        Don't underestimate the Kings, especially in their home court, Tyreke and Co. are going to suprise a lot of people this year.
        C'mon man, we were playing a team that is in the same tier as us. You use the "beaten by a better team" line when you play Boston, LA or Orlando, not Sacramento. That game was there to be had just like the Knicks game was, we fell a couple better offensive possessions and two defensive rebounds short. Sub-patterns were whack too and we bumbled the last play, we were unlucky not to win. They do have Tyreke Evans who is the best player on either team and that made a big difference in the third quarter, helps having a guy who can draw and pass.