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Tim Chisholm Comparing Bargnani to a Child

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  • Tim Chisholm Comparing Bargnani to a Child

    Yikes ... this criticism of Andrea and his lack of rebounding is getting a tad bit ridiculous now. Not implying just Chisholm's two cents worth, but overall in general right now.

    What Evans is doing, though, is taking what lingering interest Bargnani has in rebounding and quashing it with his force of will. With Evans grabbing a two-person allotment of rebounds whenever he's on the floor, Bargnani feels no compulsion to hunt down rebounds himself. He has no instinct to go after the ball when a shot goes up, he barely even moves to box his guy out (something that would at least make rebounding easier for his various teammates). It's like when a parent tells a child to do his or her chores but then does them for the child when the child refuses. It creates an environment where the child (or in this case Bargnani) knows that there is no penalty for not doing the work as someone else does the work regardless. This is further reinforced in Bargnani's case because even though he's not putting in any effort on the glass, he's still getting a team-leading 33.7 minutes per-game and a team-leading 17 shots in those minutes. So, he gets his money, he gets his minutes and he gets his shots and there is no penance for not rebounding? How is this preparing the man for the future when Reggie Evans isn't around?
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