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  • Sportsnet One in 905

    any raps fans living in the 905 / Cogeco cable coverage area know if there is a petition or some kind of group active in trying to get sportsnet one out here? I'd like to get involved. Also, anyone know if the game can be watched streaming online somewhere for free? Fan590 always has my back, but the radio and tv companion just wasn't cutting it for me on Monday.

    keep it real raps fans!

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    Here you go for tonight res


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      ^ best links for NBA games


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        I usually use, but when that freezes up I google search streaming sports. You spend a few minutes trying to find a link that works, but usually find a decent one.


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          I'm in Oakville, so no Sportsnet One. I was in Detroit this week and opened an NBA account through a US IP.

          Last night I got home just before game time. I downloaded Hotspot Shield which masks my Canadian IP and then bought the $109 US Broadband League Pass which allows me to select 7 teams. I chose the Raps, Heat and Lakers and will add others later. I paid with a Canadian credit card, but when it asked for my address - I used a US address.

          Providing I turn on the IP mask before the game starts, I'll watch all Sportsnet One Raptors game on my computer with no streaming problems at all. Plus all videos are archived for future viewing.


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   has great streaming links.


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              Thanks for all the suggestions for streaming games. Luckily tonight's game is on TSN2, but I'll definitely be making use of those in the future.