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Starting Barbosa over Kleiza

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    Kleiza was very inconsistent in Denver I actually watched more than a few Denver games when he played there plus having watched him play in college and in FIBA that's how I know he's not starting NBA SF he's more of a stretch 4. His handles are severely lacking effecting his ability to create off of the bounce. His post game has been inconsistent playing against bigger, faster players than in Europe. His speed, athleticism is lacking at the most athletic position in the NBA- SF. If Kleiza's not making his shots he's a negative on the court in my mind.

    Kleiza 10x better than Weems? Kleiza a smarter defender than Weems? Based on what? Kleiza has looked lost out there on defense alot so far this season. I don't see that at all.

    Kleiza is better suited to come off of the bench especially if Jay wants to implement the TEAM USA defensive particulars that he preached all training camp long. I don't see Kleiza as being able to get out and press up on a consistent basis against wing players.

    If Jay really wants to press up he should insert either Weems or Wright as the starting SF as both are far more athletic plus better defenders than Kleiza in my mind.

    The Jack, Jose pg situation is a certified symbol of Jay's head coaching era: indecisive flip flopping.smh Banks should get a chance especially if Jay's preaching defense as Banks is his best defensive pg bar none. The Rap's aren't winning with Jose backing up Jack. After 20 games if TO has 1,2 or 3 wins Banks should get a shot to play in the rotation in my mind.

    On court Chemistry equals winning basketball that's why I want to see a line up of Dorsey (Davis when healthy), Johnson, Weems, DD & Jack sometime during the game as it's seems like it's always a mix of US and International players on both the 1st and 2nd units messing up the ball movement, defensive rotations and the like.

    Btw- I remember one fastbreak sequence against Portland when both Kleiza and Bargnani ran to the 3 point line instead of to the hoop- I was like wtf? Weems or Wright would have most likely kept running to the hoop in that situation putting pressure on the defense.


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      I don't mind putting Kleiza on the bench, but Weems starting is a real bad idea. Unless he starts but Kleiza plays like Jason Terry and plays big minutes, because Weems playing more than 20-24 minutes is a really bad idea. Really bad.


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        I'm with Joe Panini on this one.
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