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Dampier available again, back to Toronto?

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    I can't believe how negative everyone is about this. How can he make us worse? WE ARE ON A SIX GAME LOSING STREAK! Our interior defense sucks thanks to very mediocre help defense from Bargs (they don't play defense in Europe so he's going to take some time) so this can only help. Ed Davis may not get stellar minutes up front but he can earn them.

    The point is that we aren't winning with what we have so some kind of change needs to happen. I expect trades to happen very soon. It's a lack of skill. Most of these players are developing and I give props to Triano for keeping games close. The fact is that there's not a lot of experience to make that extra push. Change can only help.


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      I don't get how this could be a bad thing. Our defence sucks. Dampier is a veteran who's specialty is tough interior defence. We have three young bigs who have the potential to be very good interior defenders (Amir, Ed, Alabi), and one who could certainly use the help. Connect the dots people.

      At most, he'd get 15-18 minutes a night. Andersen probably gets kicked out of the rotation then, but I don't think that would cause too much angst.


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        I hope we don't sign him - because as soon has he gets his first 10 rebound game - BC will lock him up for 5 years at $8 mil per season


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          Andersen has really not played that badly

          Dampier would not start.

          I don't know if he would much if any of an improvement over Andersen

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            [QUOTE=Arsenalist;48767]Dampier is a lazy fuck. The only reason he's not signed yet is because he wants to play the least amount possible and still make some money.
            What makes you say this? And no, I'm not being facetious. Are you actually basing this on knowledge of Dampier's past history, or are you just assuming it to be true based on the circumstances?


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              LeeZ wrote: View Post
              What makes you say this? And no, I'm not being facetious. Are you actually basing this on knowledge of Dampier's past history, or are you just assuming it to be true based on the circumstances?
              Points to ponder:
              1. Why hasn't anyone signed him yet (2+ weeks into the season)
              2. He was here once already. Dont know if there was a offer but he moved on.
              3. What kind of shape is he in and how long before he gets into game shape
              4. It's amazing how many "lazy" opinions one can find about him
              5. What is the motivation he would have playing for a team like the Raptors. At his age and after the Mavs. Why would he want to?
              6. Apart from him providing inside presence (which we need) what is the long term return?
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                Houston's deal with center Erick Dampier fell apart, but the Suns are not getting involved yet. They had already cooled on the idea of signing him. But their rebounding issues are getting worse. Memphis was the only team ranked lower in defensive rebounding than Phoenix entering Monday.

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                  Meanwhile, the Raptors’ dalliance with free-agent centre Erick Dampier continues. Dampier spurned the Raptors originally in order to sign with the Houston Rockets, but that deal has fallen apart and Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo said in an e-mail “they called us back after Houston fell through … we are considering it now.”

                  Amid the mystery that surrounds center Erick Dampier’s decision not to sign with the Rockets, the only thing clear is this: Miami, Toronto and Phoenix have expressed interest in reigniting conversations with the free-agent big man. The Suns, sources say, were the latest team to inquire on Wednesday. The Heat, who earlier backed away from committing to Dampier, appear to have a different view now that their lack of size has been exposed in recent games against New Orleans (Okafor) and Utah (Paul Millsap.)