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Alabi & Davis Being Sent Down to the D-League Soon

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  • Alabi & Davis Being Sent Down to the D-League Soon

    This courtesy of Doug:

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    This is what I figured.

    However Smith missed a major reason for sending Davis down to the D-league. Davis has only played about 75 minutes in NCAA or NBA related games; i.e. the LVSL since last February. He needs to get into game shape. He will better be able to do that by playing in the D-League especially since it is an up and down the court transition type basketball game as Smith mentions, than by just practicing against whoever.

    So in my opinion the decision to send Davis to the D-League at least until he gets into game shape makes sense to me.
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      Yeah right on. This is a good call by the Raps.
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        Those two need some PT. Alabi hopefully stays down there. He needs to refine his game and needs all the PT he can get. Still very raw. Davis needs to shake off the rust and get into game shape.


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          You can only practice so much. Especially during the season when there aren't a lot of practices, quite frankly. You need to get out and play. I think this is very good for Alibi. I wouldn't want him down there for an extended period, but to stay sharp.

          Sending Ed Davis down there is an excellent idea. He's played just a handful of games in the last year. Throwing a rookie into an NBA game without any training camp and as little gametime as he's had recently would be a mistake, I think. I'd give him maybe 4 or 5 games to get into playing shape and get his timing back. Obviously he's close to returning, so that's a good sign.
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            I'm crossing my fingers that these two develop into something good. It seems like they have the potential.
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