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Chris, This is Why Fans Don't Like You Now

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    Bosh made me so mad. I feel like a dumbass owning his stupid jersey. All he had to have done when he left in my eyes is either hold a press conference or get interviewed by a major daily or take out a one page ad in major daily and say "thank-you Toronto for your support and the great 7 years in Toronto and I look forward to seeing you again when I visit next season - all the best Chris Bosh." But no, he had to be a total egotistical twitter douche. How impersonal is that, you idiot. I'll boo the bastard when comes to town - if he isn't traded by then.
    Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.


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      You Bosh haters are absolutely ridiculous. I don't understand why everybody hates him so much? Look back at the tapes, he had a wicked career in Toronto. No, we never were really a competitor with him. But he was the only guy reppin us in allstar games, he filled the seats and kept us interested in the Raps. Could you imagine if we never got Bosh and we just lingered throughout the last 7 years bottom dwellers.. Same goes for VC, one of the most dynamic players in his prime, was probably the only reason theres a team in Toronto. I agree he quit and it was retarded, but you gotta look at the good times these guys had reppin the Raps. Lets move on, I think were better post Bosh then we were with him. This team is playing exciting basketball, and with the proper development of these youngsters, Bargs, MOOOOOOONEY WEEMS, plus some good draft picks and we are sitting pretty. Get a clue you cynical pricks, give Bosh respect for what he did, and move on


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        DoNDaDDa wrote: View Post
        also the other big 3 in boston has pierce & allen who can both hit 3 pointers with regularity. wade & james both are not good from outside.
        As much as I hate the C's, their big 3 was put together with a purpose. With Wade and James, you have a redundant skill set. Don't get me wrong, If I were a GM and could bring in that caliber of players, I would. But look at LA when they got the Glove and Malone- it didn't just translate to rings.


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          Wade and James being able to do everything is not the problem. If there's a problem its with Chris "Shareef Abdur-Rahim" Bosh.


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            golden wrote: View Post
            Actually, the Heat could really take off if they run the offence through Bosh. Kind of like Gasol in the triangle offense. Think about it. Bosh was almost singlehandedly responsible for the Raps having a top 5 offense. Bosh absolutely commands a double team in the post. Replace Demar and Hedo with Lebron & Wade as your kick-out options after the defense has contracted and now you don't have LBJ, Wade or Eddie House having to heave 3 pointers late in the clock. Of course, Lebron and Wade's ego would probably never take a scenario where the offense went through CB1 as the primary option.
            Man, if you think this is going to happen, guess again. They're have problems because the band has 3 Mick Jaggers. A 6-8, 250 lbs. SF dominating the ball is a problem. There is no way that any offence will run through Bosh because he no longer has the inside game he used to have prior to his knee problems. Gasol doesn't have those issues. I understand that they lack the size down middle but really, the problem is dynamics, style of play and ego. The Celtics showed them how a TEAM (whose players know their roles), is supposed to work together as one. How many teams do you think now have the tapes of both games - how about 28 teams? They are now studying the film work to repeat the process. This means that James will have to work that much harder as well as Wade and Bosh. We beat Orlando last night (and we've had some success with ORL before) because they don't have the speed Miami does. Charlotte beat us on the inside, Orlando tried to beat us with 3-point shooting, Miami will try to beat us with speed on the wings and the team has to respond accordingly.

            I've been accused before of taking delight in Bosh's early misfortunes but the truth is the problem with Miami if there ever was one is that James tends to dominate the ball, forcing his team mates to predict his moves and then they have to be "prepared" in case the play is busted. Chris ain't used to this and Wade ain't used to this. Think about it, look at James' crazy assist totals. It's great that his assists are up there but that shouldn't be his role in this new team. This ain't Cleveland.

            In the end, the initial thought of the Miami three was to have no one person having an offensive set run through him. However, from the early onset, it seems like James is trying to establish that. This is a team whose personnel does not know its identity and role.

            PS> Here's the irony of it all, if one of the three gets injured, they will actually have better results because there's one less ego to worry about, one less offensive option to worry about, one less feelings to hurt.
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