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Kleiza's Injury and Raptors Suggested Depth Chart.

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  • Kleiza's Injury and Raptors Suggested Depth Chart.

    On the telecast tonight they mentioned that Kleiza got injured vs Sac in the 3rd game of the season. So he has been played injured all season except for in games 1 and 2.

    In the first two games he before the injury he averaged 16 and 5 in 27 mpg.

    Here is how I would set the depth chart when Kleiza and Barbosa return

    PF - Kleiza, Johnson - Kleiza played PF in Europe. He is a little short for PF but certainly is strong enough

    C - Bargnani, Andersen

    SF - Weems, Wright

    SG - DeRozan, Barbosa

    PG - Jack, Calderon

    It seems that for every rebound that Evans gets the Raptors get outscored by a point.

    Tonight 12 rebounds and minus 13 which led the Raptors. Six games in a row Reggie has been racking up the minuses.

    Sorry Evans fans, the Raptors team performance when he is on the court does not justify his minutes when there are better options.

    Just my opinion.
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    I'd like to see JW get some more playing time. He's been playing well and has earned it. I'm glad Barbosa wasn't playing in crunch time to throw up another airball. Nice game winner Weems!

    And Buddhafan (this handle means you smoke serious chronic, right?), win or lose, I love seeing Evans play. This dude hustles and leaves everything on the floor. I would like to see him do something infamous soon - maybe pull a Tyson and bite someones ear off.
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