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Raptors Have Outside Chance At Dampier

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  • Raptors Have Outside Chance At Dampier

    Source: Yahoo Sports

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    Please no...


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      Only thing that makes any kind of sense for the Raps to get Dampier: a one off shot to see what it's like when Bargnani plays with a real, legitimate centre. An experiment with Bargs as a 4, knowing there's a big defence-first body at the 5-spot to cover him. He's never had that in T.O. Also, it would give the Raps the ability to put out a different team: Jack, Derozan, Kleiza, Bargs and Dampier is a pretty huge lineup. It would allow them to bang a bit, as opposed to playing speed-ball 48 minutes every game.


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        Damp is a great player and a veteran, but there's gotta be a reason nobody in the L is signing this guy right now. I see Miami scooping him up.


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          The Raptors now have 15 players under contract.

          Who would they buy out to sign Dampier?

          Some would say Banks but with Barbosa's bad wrist do the the Raptors really want to carry only two PGs on the roster. Besides Barbosa is not really a PG. I don't think that BC and Traiano would be comfortable buying out a guard to sign another big.


          The way they are rebounding?

          How much more offense at 35 years old will Dampier bring than Dorsey and Evans?

          To move Bargnani to PF - Its bad enough that Johnson has foul problems that allows Evans and Bargnani to play more minutes combined then they should. Reducing Johnson's foul prone but highly productive minutes so that Bargnani can play PF and reduce the Raptors offensive production by even more than it is with Evans playing 25 plus mpg would not improve the Raptors in the Win Loss column. It would improve their ping pong ball count next spring

          If the Raptors are interested in him then it seems to me that either Dorsey or Evans would have to be bought out unless BC trades one of them or another roster player for future draft picks or a player who is on a cheaper contract and then can be bought out more easily.
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            Just thought I'd point out that I think signing Dampier is a terrible idea.

            What I posted above would be more akin to a "what the hell could Toronto management possibly be thinking in wanting to sign him" type post.

            Yes he's a big post defender. But he just doesn't fit at all with the rebuilding, youth movement and chemistry T.O.'s got going on this season.

            Also, what Buddha said. To sign him is to buyout/trade someone else. And I think you still count bought out contracts towards the cap, so it's not as if they'd be freeing up cap space. All around bad idea. Much rather make a trade for Jason Thompson. All around much smarter idea.


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              Dampier should take a sabbatical this year. Poor guy, he has been living out of a suitcase oh so many months. And those rejection phone messages must be taking its toll. Maybe he does have strength of character! And a work ethic! Rather toilfor an obscure nba team than collect unemployment insurance.


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                Maybe, Dampier goes to Nola now that they have a roster spot open? I can also see a Marcus Thorton for Jason Thompson trade happening.


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                  Dampier is going to Miami...


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                    no need for dampier, once davis comes back . we wont have enough time for him
                    ya dun noe


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                      The problem with the Raptors is they already have so many mediocre pieces - some with potential, some without - that need time. You can "stockpile" talent, but you only have 240 total minutes a game to see them in actual game situations. Adding more mediocre pieces without potential is not at the top of the list.