Had a conversation with him over Twitter, went something like this:

@Eric__Smith: D is largely about energy and hustle ... TOR had none of it tonight (and much of the season thus far)

@raptorshq: Agreed...but if guys like Bargnani are giving you none night after night, it becomes a personnel issue...

@Eric__Smith: i don't see him going anywhere

@raptorshq: I don't either...which is a major problem for franchise's future. Hard to build a house with a foundation made out of sand...

@Eric__Smith: he has a TON of talent. A TON ... but he's got to play with MUCH more FIRE

@DanRapsFan: How long do you defend potential that for 5 seasons has pretty much never consistently come out?

@Eric__Smith: listen to the broadcast and tell me if i'm defending it. he has all the talent in the world but he MUST be better

@CornerSniper: Michael Olowakandi also had a LOT of talent. Sam Bowie too.

@raptorshq: @CornerSniper Bingo - was going to add something to this effect but referencing guys like Coleman...

@Eric__Smith: @CornerSniper you're crazy if you think he's in that category. gimme a break. i'd bet 29 GMs would trade for him right now