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    Looking at BC's past and the contracts he gave to Jose, Amir and Kapano,AB, Kleiza,Hedo and even back at his time in Phonix with Diaw and Barbosa , I see him offering a 5 year 35 -40 million to Weems before he hits the market.


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      RaptorDan wrote: View Post
      I'm going to wait 5 games and wait for the thread that says we should buy out his contract and then castrate him because he sucks so bad.
      He's been one of our most consistent players since he started to get some actual PT last season, so that's highly unlikely...


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        Weems might be consistent, but the fan's opinions won't be. I've been reading RR for a long time but just started posting and it seems many are wild emotional and reactionary. Weems seems to be one of the players most people on RR like, unlike Bargs and Jose. Speaking of Jose, haven't heard any calls for his head lately. Sure he's been playing pretty good lately, but that usually doesn't stop posters. What up?
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          Why the rush boys and girls?

          Dont we have matching rights on his next contract? I believe the Raps are in good position cap wise so other teams are going to be wary about taking a run at him. If he plays consistently I dont have a problem paying him market value. And the only sure way to determine this is let another team out there put their money on the table. Make your decision then since we have no idea what/who we are going to draft either.


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            Uhmm, I don't disagree with waiting--3/4 games does NOT a career make... Can he carry the team as DeRozan did in the 4th against ORL/MIA, I don't think so--Raps pay waaay too much for role players! With better players coming our way through the draft and the TPE/ does Sonny ever have a stretch like this again--I'm not convinced BUT for the meantime I'll take the entertainment.


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              Mack North wrote: View Post
              That's true, I guess the one thing we would have is that his best buds are locked up here for a while.
              That and the Raptors will have the right to match any offer. Not to mention the new CBA is probably going to lower salaries... Unfortunately making Amir Johnson's contract look even worse.


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                Not sure what the terms will be but he`ll most likely be overpaid and everyone will be up in arms


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                  Killingjoke wrote: View Post
                  Not sure what the terms will be but he`ll most likely be overpaid and everyone will be up in arms
                  lol... truer words have never been spoken on this board before


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                    I completely think he should be re-signed. I do also think that we should offer him a qualifying offer that is reasonable and wait to see what other teams are thinking. I don't want to nickel and dime the most consistent Raptor (well, back into late last season) whom I have been pleading to see more playing time for, but I do think we need a little bit more financial accountability in this organization.

                    Thankfully BC realized quickly enough that his contract offer for Hedon't was ludicrous -- his abilities being grossly overstated by a complimentary system including an extremely efficient big man to draw doubles to free up space, and to dump the ball into -- and traded him.

                    Unfortunately, I also have believed that Weems should have been starting for some time now. He should have started this whole season and close to 25% of last season based on his abilities, play, and his upward trend in IQ and hustle.

                    I also believe that BC made a major mistake in not taking back Michael Beasley (for free) from the Miami Heat in the Chris Bosh deal.

                    I also stand by Jose Calderon starting as the point guard until his value is high enough to ship him out for a reasonably talented youngster. Jarrett Jack is not the distributor that this starting lineup needs. When I see Bargnani being overlooked in his mid-range sweet spot after an 18 point first half, and the other option is a shitty game of one-on-one leading to a brick or a turnover, then I get pissed. Jose was used as the scapegoat last season, has vastly superior distribution skills and IQ (over Jack), and has actually been mistreated by the organization in some respects. Sure, his lateral shittiness frequently causes matchup trouble, but the fact that the help defense is so shit doesn't help. His AST:TO is excellent, his FG, and 3P% excellent, and his FT% being superior... it really just doesn't make sense to me.


                    Jose Calderon
                    Demar DeRozan
                    Sonny Weems
                    Michael Beasley
                    Andrea Bargnani

                    Defense? Who gives a fuck, when you have that type of offense? Jarrett Jack isn't any better anyway. Reggie Evans is made of wood.
                    It's about money


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                      Not to mention, Jack as a bench PG is decent.

                      Jarrett Jack
                      Leandro Barbosa
                      Linas Kleiza
                      Amir Johnson
                      David Andersen

                      Seems like a decent bench that we could have had.
                      It's about money


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                        I can't remember if it was last year or the year before, but the bloggers were going for this thing where they wanted to see Bargnani play well consistently for 20 straight games before they would stop calling him Vegetable Lasagna. It's been pretty clear that there is almost no consistency when it comes to VL's play.

                        Weems has played well for all of 3-4 and now there's a thread devoted to how much BC should offer him in terms of a long term multi-million dollar contract....

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