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much better coachining tonight by Triano, Andrea looks much better tonight

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  • much better coachining tonight by Triano, Andrea looks much better tonight

    I ripped Jay Triano last night, he deserved it. Somebody in the organization must have talked to him, he was a much better coach tonight. I saw much better substitutions. I actually saw defensive substitutions before the last minute of the game in this one which surprised me. When Bargniani and Evans were tired, Triano actually noticed and subbed them out. It is clear who the guy is gonna be on this team if we need some one to break down the defence for an important shot, Sonny Weems. If it's an outside shot or post up it's Bargniani. The only complaint I had tonight was bring sonny back in the 4th quarter a little bit earlier. I loved the big man substitutions, everybody was fresh. If we need a rebound and we are gonna call a time out anyways, I'd love to see Evans and Dorsey in there trying to get it at the same time. Calderon is clearly the superior point guard, I saw some defense from him tonight. Jack didn't have it, he doesn't do a very good job getting the hot shooter the ball. I'd actually prefer to keep Calderon over Jack. Andrea was trying to play unselfishly on offense in the 4th. I got the sense he was trying to conserve some energy for the end of the game. When he finally decided to demand the ball, the point guard's gotta get the guy the ball, if you can't get it to him, sonny should be option #2, he knows what to do with it. All this talk about De Rosan being the guy, I see Sonny is a much better player and should be starting over Kleiza. Also my team on the floor at the end of the game Offensively is Bargniani, Anderson or (Kleiza if he's hot), Weems, De Rosan, Calderon. If I need a stop on defense and we are gonna call a timeout anyways put in Banks, Julian Wright, Weems, Reggie Evans and Joey Dorsey. I'd normally put in Johnson but he's too likely to foul. Go offense defense more often at the end of the games. Every possession counts with our team.

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    A sack of sh*t could have played better than Jack tonight. I don't know what is going on. Is he trying to play as bad as possible so it is impossible to trade him? Or is he trying to play as bad as possible so it is impossible not to trade him?


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      His game falls apart when he gets stressed. IF he could break that maybe he could become a decent starter. I think Jack has all the tools to be a much better guard. Unfortunately, we don't have time or - I suspect - the money to give him that chance.


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        When everyone was ripping Bargs to shreds, it was Jack who had been concerning me. He has really played poorly recently. His play has always frustrated me, much like TJ Ford, and it really highlights the fact that our PG position is woefully inadequate - I believe more so than any other position. Hopefully we can draft a good one.
        Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.


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          How's this for better coaching. Start Amir over Reggie. He's rotting at the bench. Play him more minutes so that he'll get a better feel for the game. I know, he has foul issues but he's gotta sort that out in a game and not on the bench.


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            i dont think it was good coaching. Jack chucked 13 shots before he took him out.
            took bargs out with 2mins left in the 3rd and didnt put him back in till 9th or i think even 8th minute mark in the 4th
            good thing bargs was really on fire, a lull like that could put a player ice cold
            weems and bargs really carried them last night, but ill be convinced if they can do that next game, and the next, and the next.

            thing with the raps is they put one good game in, then lose terribly the next 2-3 games after that. then another good game, then another losing streak. they cant sustain a run. so im not keeping my hopes up just yet.

            triano is experimenting way too much with the rotation. he's going day by day, meaning he's riding player streaks every game, this players is hot this game, play him. he's cold the next, sit him down. i think he should establish his core of 7 players which is the starting 5 and then 2 main subs. give the players stability. starters usually play at least 30-35 minutes per game. not 50/50 with the 2nd unit.


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              Better Coaching, not good coaching

              I'm agreeing with the last post, Triano's coaching was bettter, but not good. The point guard rotations definately need to be looked at. Also Julian Wright deserves a chance to play especially on key defensive plays. If Jack is causing problems with his offence, Jay needs to pull him and put him in his place. If I'm Colangelo I have a lot of problems, but I have to say priority 1 is dealing with Jack, he is not the leader he appears to be. We need to ship him out of town get something good in return. Weems is the leader of this team.