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Should Raptors Take a Chance on Oden?

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    definitely worth it for about 2 mil a yr for a couple years. its the perfect low risk high reward situation. esp considering that by the time he's back he'll be like only 24 yrs old? thats more than enough time and still young enough to improve dramatically. if im BC i go for it without question.


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      RaptorsFan4Life wrote: View Post
      Did you even read the original post?
      My I did not read the link.

      My post obviously related to his condition before I take it back! Jeez poor guy there has to be something seriously wrong with him. Has there ever been a player with both knees having this surgery along with a knee cap dislocation. I get jeebies just thinking about it. This latest surgery will set back his actual playdate (if he can) probably late into the 2011-12 season or even 12-13. For a developing franchise like the Raps it just doesnt make sense with his current contract expiring this season. If it's a Sonny Weems special, maybe. The odds are very low in my view.


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        Beaverboi wrote: View Post
        Too bad all the good surgeons leave here and go to the states, though.
        You know that doesn't actually happen, right?


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          1 year league minimum with a team option. What a shame, I hope he can get through this.


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            sure, hes off the books this year so thats some cap space there


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              With him, any team becomes much improved defensively and in terms of rebounding plus he has offensive potential. That being said, Blazers know a healthy roy and oden will put them over the top and will not just let him leave with them being so close.

              The raptors should make a play for Oden this offseason, the team is clearly rebuilding and we do not really need cap flexibility when we figure to be a loser team and try to accumulate high quality draft picks. I will limit it to 3 years, with the third being an option, and would offer:

              3 years, 45 million, broken down as:

              1st year 15 million
              2nd year 13 million + 5 million performance bonus
              3rd year: activated upon performance targets or team options, 12 million

              At the very least the contract has to be greater than 9 million because that is the qualifying offer amount for Oden. The Blazers will have 51 million before millers unguaranteed 7.8, and I would expect the salary cap would be around 53 milllion and luxury around 70. Since Roy might be injuried and they dont really have any other options, I think they will pick up Andre's contract, pushing their obligation to 58. Next, 3 centers besides Oden are off the books after the 2010 season so the Blazers will need to sign one, and I would assume they would use the mid-level on one because of the uncertainity with Oden's health and that pushes their commitments to around 64. If the Raptors frontload the contract, then the contract will push the salary total for the Blazers to 80 million and they would essentially be paying Oden 25 million dollars next year (15 million contract + 10 million luxury tax). I feel that would be too much risk for Paul Allen to take, plus this would complete destroy any potential salary cap room them may have in the next few years.

              The Raptors should make a play for Oden, because he is potentially the only player who is dominant enough on defense and rebounding that Bargnani would flourish and fit within the system. Stretch 4s would give us a problem, and pnrs to a certain extent, but our help defense, and paint would be well guarded. Also, if we were to get a great draft pick and a stud sf, then our rotation would be this:

              pg: Calderon, Jack
              sg: weems, dero
              sf: stud sf, kleiza
              pf: johnson, davis
              c: bargs, oden

              Which is a much improved team.


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                He's had injury problems starting in high school. Dude's bones are as old as he looks. Can you say Ralph Sampson and Sam Bowie? How many of you would crucify Colangelo for signing him and he plays 20 games a season - the most he has ever played. I'll take a pass.
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                  Only if he's Greg "Benjamin Button" Oden.


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                    Who knew that a man that looked like he is 50 years old may actually have the physique of someone who is that age?!


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                      Does the NBA allow incentive-laden contracts?

                      I'd add several conditions to any contract for this "kid". He's way too frail up to this point to pay him anywhere close to what his talent level deserves.

                      Amar'e at least played several years as a BEAST before having this kind of injury. We've yet to see Oden play at a high level for longer than 1 month.
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                        Love this reference from

                        Here's the e-mail Dan B. sent me about Oden. Pretty much sums it all up:

                        Seriously, what the f**k is wrong with Greg Oden's body??? Does his cock weigh that much that it's putting strain on his lower body and destroying his knees??? It's just getting sad at this point. Dude's played 82 TOTAL games over two partial seasons in his career, and now he's managed to need microfracture surgery on the knee that DIDN'T already have microfracture surgery. I almost want to fly to Portland to just give the poor guy a hug at this point.


                        The reference was dirty, but it was funny as hell.


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                          Portland's made a qualifying offer of over $8 million. So if the Raps were truly interested it would be for quite the sum for such a risk. The article on I read said that the view around the league is that Oden's value is percieved at the mid-level exception
                          Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.


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                            Yaa let's sign a guy who barely plays because he's made out of paper to a big fat contract. He isn't even worth the league min. because it shouldn't cost you anything to have an invisible player on your team.


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                              Why not?

                              I'd gamble on him. He'd sure up the middle and would help allow Bargnani to play the four. His bad luck has to be behind him. He's young and still has time to recoup from his set backs.

                              Oh, and keep Brian! He's set the Raptors up for future success. A move the took gumption in a contract year. This is the first time they've had a solid young foundation. Success doesn't happen over night.


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                                Yes. And ship bargnani to italy