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Is Barbosa back?

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  • Is Barbosa back?

    One thing I've noticed the last couple of games is less pressure on the opposing teams wings and the opposing PG's (Hinrich and Holiday) pretty much going where ever they want.

    Obviously the intensity the last 2 games has been dreadful, but does anyone think Barbosa and the energy/speed he plays with might help?

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    Besides his 3-point shooting, Barbosa hasn't been too bad. His spark off the bench has been impressive at times, like 12 points in a quarter type of stuff. His defense has been better than I thought it would have been.

    I have mixed feelings though, because I really like Weems playing at the 2 and Barbosa coming back creates a bit of a log jam. I think the 2 suits his game better than the 3.
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      I probably should have worded it better. All valid points you raise though.

      I find Barbosa was doing a great job of getting up in the passing lanes, tipping balls, getting steals, forcing poor passes. I also found this to be almost contagious but the last few games I have not seen it as much. Hopefully having him back can cause issues on the perimeter for other teams or the Raptors just get back at it again, whatever the reason.


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        His energy is great,,, i just hope he could bump up that shooting percentage from 39% to around 44-46%


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            I think they should throw Barbosa at PG and Weems/DeRozan at the 2, once in a while. For the same skills we're talking about in Blur. He's quick and plays great D. On offense he can shoot over Houston's PG's, no?
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              Barbosa's NOT back tonight. Just announced it a few minutes ago.