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Devlin Giving Raptors Broadcast's A Lift

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  • Devlin Giving Raptors Broadcast's A Lift

    I don't think this is a discussion we've had here on the RR forums yet, so I'm curious to know if you're pro-Matt or anti-Matt?

    The new guy, Matt Devlin, was basically the anti-Chuck and at times seemed reluctant to inject anything resembling excitement into a game. Even Swirsky-haters secretly longed for a “kaboom" or two to warm up those many cold nights in Raptorland.

    Devlin will never be mistaken for Swirsky, but there's no denying that the level of his game and the level of the broadcasts have both improved this year. Devlin seems a little more animated and appears to be having more fun.

    Last week, when New Orleans' Peja Stojakovic hit a three-pointer, Devlin shouted, “Punjabi" as a tribute to CBC's Punjabi-language Raptor broadcasts.
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    i am still getting used to Matt .. he seems to be getting more comfortable with each broadcast.
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      I never was a big fan of Swirsky and his blatant homer-ism but last year of Devlin made me even miss the big lug a little. BUT this year Devlin has raised his game (those TNT games probably gave him more confidence) also when hes paired with Leo hes even caring the broadcast and keeping it somewhat entertaining.


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        I'm Pro-Matt. He's "Bang On"! lol
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          Swirsky was sick. Matt sucks compared to him. Although this year Devlin has gotten somewhat better and I don't mind him anymore but sometimes he just sucks
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            Devlin is trying to fill in Chuck's shoes. You can't do your job filling in someone's shoes that you can't even fit in. You gotta buy your own shoes and start running with them. Whatever the hell Devlin did during the Denver vs. Dallas series that made him sound modestly decent to actually good, he should bring it to our broadcasts, or is it that he needs to see a team that is actually 15+ games over 0.500 to announce better?


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              Devlin is atrocious and should be fired.

              Swirsky was mediocre. Mediocre is better than bad ... which puts him above Devlin, Leo and Jack.


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                Devlin last year was horrible. Just boring man. He's kicked up the excitement level a notch this year though. Now he's ok.


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                  Devlin is alright. He's better than he was last season or I've gotten used to him... Not sure which but I'm ok with him being the play by play guy.