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Henry Abbott (the guy who started TrueHoop) confirms raps are the worst team in nba.

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    madeupid25 wrote: View Post
    It does remain to be seen whether or not Bayless and Ed Davis will help contribute to more wins for the Raps this season, or that maybe this deal will cause the Raps to lose a few more games this season, while perhaps improving the overall picture long term. The way things have been going recently, I have begun to worry (hope?) that this is more like a 30 win team, which might get us a 6th - 10th draft pick, rather than the top 5 pick which would more likely allow TO to draft a potential franchise player. On the other hand, I think that the more wins this team gets this year will be beneficial for the young players' development, as playing for a loser will only get them accustomed to playing for a team with a losing culture.
    I agree. I will never exchange a victory like sunday against boston for a better draft pick 'cause experience is priceless
    Let's go Raptors!


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      hateslosing wrote: View Post
      Forget how the Raps have played lately and look at this teams roster. Is there anyone on it that makes you think hey he's a good player? That is the logic here, that there is no one on the team that is even remotely a superstar wheres even teams that are much worse than us in the standings like LAC and Washington have Griffen and Wall. Bargnani aside,there is no one on this team that would be playing for contender and Bargs wouldn't be starting. I can't think of any other team that can say that.
      Personally, I don't care about individual players. I would love the Raptors to build a team like the Pistons championship team in 2004. No one scored over 18pts per game, no one had more than 6 assists per game. All guys were threats and they played together.

      I know that team was the exception to the rule but it was truly great to watch them dismantle the Lakers that year - especially when everyone said they had 0 chance.