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Now that Udonis Haslem is out for several months...

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  • Now that Udonis Haslem is out for several months...

    ...could there be a certain team that we all know and love, with a player whom we all know and love whose name rhymes with edgy, that might want to deal with the Heat? I mean, Evans and Haslem are almost carbon copies of each other (well, apart from Reggie's, um, somewhat mediocre (ahem) scoring numbers. But the Heat could give a rat's ass about scoring from Haslem. They just want the boards and hustle. So my question is twofold: 1) Would BC make a deal with the Evil Empire (my personal view is that any GM in any sports league would make a deal with Hitler himself if it guaranteed his team 10 more wins a year); and 2) what could Miami possibly give us in return?

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    Um no way, didn't Haslem sacrafice a boatload of money for Miami and he's supposedly a glue/character/locker room guy that Riley loves.

    As long as he's back by the playoffs I don't think Miami will mind, there's no way they aren't going to make it there being in the east and all.

    Lastly, I think you're way overvalueing Reggie...
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      ive heard the heat will sign Dampier tommorrow. not sure he can replace haslem but im sure he'll defend the paint better than Bosh LOL & he cant look any older on the court than the big Z.

      once that deals complete ill rest a little easier knowing we wont be waisting our last roster spot on Damp's, with the lack of quality C's in the league these days theres got to be a reason Damps has been out of a job this long..

      anything the heat could offer us for any of our players would not be worth it unless it was wade or James & thats never happening sooo in my opinion i say let the Heat get burned!
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        Just my opinion, but I can't see a way in hell that BC will trade with Miami. Miami has nothing to return. And no one, at least in the East, is going to give Miami squat. Miami got smacked tonight by Indiana (Indiana!) They need size, which the raps don't have. Besides, as Dondadda said, they have just signed Dampier.
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          I'm just going to sit back and watch Bosh get the Oz and Shawshank treatment in the paint by many different PFs, SFs, and Centers. And watch him jack up shots when SFs are guarding him.


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            When the Heat sign Dampier the may release Dexter Pitman to do so, if they do the Raps should take a chance on him.


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              From what I hear Pittman needs to be locked up on a fat farm for a year to lose some pounds. This guy puts Oliver Miller to shame weight/fat wise.


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                It was reported that at the combines, he had 4th worst body far percentage in the history of keeping records at the combine, but had the biggest hands and one of the longest wingspans ever. Does it cancel each other out? hell no, but I'm sure Spolestra's putting the guy through the rigours.