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BC Is Smiling Right Now If He is Still Awake

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    Curse of Jack

    Does this mean the Jack curse (his team has never made it to the playoffs) is on NOH now?
    Could you imagine if TO made it into the playoffs this year and NOH didn't, considering the start each team had? It would probably kill the poor guy.
    "Old Maid" anyone?


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      I think that replacing him with Bayless will make the team better this season.

      I am a lot more optimistic of where the Raptors will wind up in April in the standings with

      1. The return of Barbosa
      2. The long awaited appearance of Davis
      3. Replacing Jack with Bayless.

      I think that as a result of the above that the Raptors will be noticeably better team by the all-star break if not before.

      I really like Bayless' game. I have liked it since his days at Arizona when I got to see him play a number of times. In fact I have occasionally over the last 12 months or so wondered how could the Raptors get Bayless? They now have him Barbosa back and Davis coming on board.

      All exciting good news.

      Go Raps.

      Sorry to be so upbeat about this season's and future seasons based upon the core that BC is building. I know it is probably a bit upsetting to those who are so down on the Raptors fortunes this season and are waiting for a high lottery pick.
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